Rick and Morty Babies: Adult Swim Junior's hilarious April fools prank 2021

Bruno Cooke April 1, 2021

Rick and Morty Babies is Adult Swim’s 2021 April fools effort – part of the new “Adult Swim Junior” – and recreates fan favourite episode, Total Rickall, with child actors doing baby voices. Watch the teaser below.

Rick and Morty Babies both ‘entertaining’ and ‘strange’ in Adult Swim Jr

Rick and Morty Babies just landed and it is as strange as it sounds. Watch the intro below.

Adult Swim’s offering for April fools 2021 is a re-dubbing of Total Rickall – season 2 episode 4 – with child actors providing the new voices.

One Twitter user managed to snap a few seconds of it, and tweeted it with the caption, “HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY”.

Total Rickall originally aired on 16 August, 2015 in the US, and 17 April 2016 in Canada.

Reaction from Twitter and YouTube

Twitter users and YouTube users alike have reacted positively to Rick and Morty Babies, although it’s hard to tell how many of them believe it to be an actual extension to the universe.

Commenters on YouTube praised Adult Swim’s decision to rename their YouTube channel [adult swim junior] for the occasion.

Source: YouTube

One said what many of us were thinking: “The fact that Rick can have a grandson while he’s still a baby just shows how much of an alpha he really is.”

Twitter users have reacted more viscerally, with outbursts of shock, surprise and amusement.


What next from Adult Swim Junior?

It’s anybody’s guess what Adult Swim Jr will treat audiences to next. 

With Rick and Morty Babies, it didn’t take viewers long to see through the prank. But then, maybe the fact that they re-dubbed an entire episode is a sufficient embodiment of the prankish spirit.

If they are to heed the comments the episode has received – notably “Can be a good spin off, better than Baby Looney Tunes XD” and “This is actually something I would watch even if I’m not a baby” – this might not be the last we see of Rick and Morty Babies.