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Richard Burgi leaves Young and Restless a very wealthy man

Darcy Rafter January 13, 2022
Richard Burgi leaves Young and Restless a very wealthy man
Photo by John P. Filo/CBS via Getty Images

Richard’s professional career began in the mid-1980s but now he has left his role as Ashland Locke in The Young And The Restless. Could this be Burgi retiring from acting altogether? If so, he could be walking away from his career a very wealthy man.

Fans are now speculating what will happen to Burgi’s character of Ashland Locke. Many people are thinking that he could be killed off. Instead, he’s getting replaced by a different actor who will be landing in Genoa City next month.

Let’s discover what Richard Burgi’s net worth is as he leaves The Young And The Restless.

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What is Richard Burgi’s net worth?

Richard Burgi Net Worth is reportedly $3 million dollars.

It has also been reported that Burgi makes $ 4,00,000 per year and $ 32,000 per month. This means that he would be making $8,000 per week. That’s a rather wealthy income, but it’s no surprise seeing as Burgi has such a successful acting career. Let’s take a look at some of Burgi’s achievements which have contributed to his healthy paychecks.

Richard William Burgi was born on 30 July 1958 in Montclair, New Jersey, USA, and is 63 years old. The actor is now deciding to retire from the role of Ashland Locke, but this is not the only role you’ll recognise him from. You may know him best for his role as Jim Ellison in the crime series “The Sentinel” which he starred in from 1996-1999.

Previous credits of his are on shows such as Another World and Days Of Our Lives. However, he is arguably best known for playing Teri Hatcher’s husband, Karl Mayer, on comedy-drama Desperate Housewives which he played from 2004-2012.

Richard Burgi leaves The Young And The Restless

The news of Burgi’s departure comes almost one year after Burgi made his debut on the soap in 2021. The actor was only supposed to be playing the character for a limited amount of time. Although, his contract was extended as fans became obsessed with “Ashtoria” which was Victoria and his relationship.

Richard Burgi’s exit from The Young And The Restless was announced on his Instagram to his 16.9K followers. He admitted the reason behind his exit, saying:

“I want to say thank you to all you wonderful folks who have been so kind and generous and supportive with your words, and I have such gratitude for the support,” he said in a video message. “I’m moving on from the show. I’ve had a great year on Y&R and thoroughly enjoyed the great cast and crew…. such wonderful people, and I wish you all a good start to 2022 – luck, health, love, joy. God bless.”

Fans react to Richard Burgi leaving Y&R

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