Who plays scientist Pyrex Flask in Death To 2020? The Netflix mockumentary, released on December 27, provides a comedic recap of all the main events and characters of the past year. It also features characters with incredible names – such as Pyrex Flask, played by British actor Samson Kayo.

I’m sure you can probably already guess what the character does for a living, but here’s some more details.

Pyrex Flask in Death To 2020

Pyrex Flask is yep, you guessed it, a scientist. He’s played by actor Samson Kayo, who is best known for his roles in Timewasters (2017), Youngers (2013), and Murder In Successville (2015).

Kayo is a British comedic actor, and his role in Death To 2020 definitely reflects this. He’s a scientist, sure, but he seems to know and care more about pop culture and online trends than he does about science.

He tries to explain how coronavirus spreads.

According to Vulture’s review of Death To 2020, Pyrex Flask never becomes a real character, who they perceive as having no qualities beyond “likes science” and “knows how to do the floss” (the dance which he attempts in the show). Ouch.

Who else is on the cast of Death To 2020?

The mockumentary that provides a comedic take on the year that was 2020 is jam-packed with famous faces.

It features Samuel L. Jackson (playing newspaper reporter Dash Bracket), Hugh Grant (historian Tennyson Foss), Lisa Kudrow (as Trump staffer Jeanetta Grace Susan), Cristin Milioti (as soccer mom and conspiracy theorist Kathy Flowers), and Tracey Ullman (as, er…the Queen).

Death To 2020 was written by Black Mirror writers Charlie Booker and Annabel Jones.

The show has been described by some as a real-life episode of Black Mirror.

However, it has received mixed reviews with some saying the main sense of humour lies only in pseudonyms given to characters.

But isn’t a bit of silliness and laughing at our own misfortune what we need at the end of this horrible year? Give Death To 2020 a watch and see what you think.

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