Punkie Johnson's 'Mom I'm pregnant' moment has SNL fans all confused

Yasmine Leung December 13, 2021
Punkie Johnson's 'Mom I'm pregnant' moment has SNL fans all confused
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Punkie Johnson made a appearance on SNL’s Weekend Update dated 12 December 2021, where she concluded the skit with a surprising ‘announcement’. Her “Mom, I’m pregnant” comment had fans confused over whether it was actually true, so is there any news about it?

Punkie Johnson’s hilarious Weekend Update on SNL had fans crying with laughter as she joked about her family holiday traditions.

So much that even she and Michael Che struggled to keep a straight face when she delivered her lines.

The topic of babies popped up when Johnson revealed how the only thing her uncle brings to the holiday gathering is judgement, particularly on her sexual preferences.

The comedian went on to joke about being afraid to have a daughter who didn’t turn out to be gay like her mother, before concluding the skit with: “Mom, I’m pregnant!”

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“Wait, did Punkie Johnson just announce she’s pregnant?”

Ever since she delivered the line last night, fans are having an omg-worthy moment in an attempt to find out whether the 36-year-old is actually with child.

Looking at her social media, she hasn’t admitted to anything so we can only assume that it was part of the script. If you know anything about SNL, it’s to never take what they say seriously.

Johnson made that clear when she responded to a message criticising her for the homosexual jokes.

Her Weekend Update wasn’t so hot with everyone

A message complained that Johnson should be ashamed of her “I didn’t raise you to be straight” comment since she’s “promoting homosexuality“, while it’s not ok for others to promote heterosexuality.

The comedian took to Instagram to slam back at the critic, highlighting it was a joke – many fans came to her defence.

During the skit, she exclaimed:

“If I had a daughter and she brought a man home, I will be like: b**** I didn’t raise you like that. Where did you learn this nonsense, huh? If I’m gay, and you’re momma gay, then you gay.”

Che replied: “Punkie, you can’t make your child gay!” But the comedian responded with the punchline: “Watch me.”

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Is she married?

Although she doesn’t seem to be pregnant now, never say never, because she did make it clear she wants a child, particularly during the holiday season.

She has been in a relationship with a woman since 2002, meaning she was 17 when they started dating. However, it’s unknown when they got married and who she is since Johnson never shares images of her private life.

At a Just For Laughs gig, Johnson revealed the couple dabble in role-play to keep the spark alive after 19 years.

At times, Punkie said her wife gets too invested in the game, but it definitely makes for hilarious stand-up material.

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