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Will there ever be a Private Eyes season 6 and why did it end?

Darcy Rafter January 19, 2022
Will there ever be a Private Eyes season 6 and why did it end?
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Since news broke that officials had pulled the plug on Private Eyes, fans have been fishing to find out whether there will ever be a chance of future episodes. After the season 5 finale, it feels there are still loose threads just waiting to be answered so let’s discover why it ended in the first place.

The Toronto-shot detective drama wrapped up its fifth and final season in the summer of 2021. Fans haven’t quite come to terms with the loss of the show and are desperate for a season 6. The final instalment of the eight-episode season did not fill fans with enough closure, so let’s find out if we can expect Private Eyes to stream again and the truth behind why it ended.

Will there ever be a Private Eyes season 6

No, unfortunately as it stands, Private Eyes season 5 was the final season of the show.

Season 5 premiered on 7 July 7 2021, and Private Eyes star Jason Priestley recently explained how the cancellation of the show came as “a great surprise” to the cast and crew.

Fans of the show were heartbroken, but more so felt bad for the crew; who had no idea whilst filming that it would be their last time on set. The cast and crew found out about the cancellation after shooting season 5 and Priestly said that it was a shock to everybody involved.

The famous actor also noted that the series was “very personal” for him since he was there since the show’s development, as one of the producers. He even directed some episodes along with acting a lead part. He explained:

“I’m very sad to see the show coming to an end. I wasn’t ready to be done with the show. I don’t think any of us were.

He continued, ‘It came as a great surprise to all of us that the show was coming to an end.”

On the bright side, given the opportunity, it seems as though Priestly would be open to picking up where he left off with the Private Eyes production.

Stating that he would “absolutely” be open to revisiting the “Private Eyes” characters, he explained: “We all loved making the show and we were all very happy to continue making the show,” Priestley said. “But it was a decision that was made that was out of our control.”

Why did Private Eyes end?

It was Global that decided to wrap up the show with its fifth instalment. Troy Reeb, executive vice-president of broadcast networks at Corus Entertainment said that the company chatted with producers and they all decided the show “had hit its creative arc” and “wanted the show to go out on top.”

Season 5 was shorter than the usual eight episodes due to the pandemic. However, the guest stars from some of the final episodes of Private Eyes, included Enrico Colantoni, Tony Nappo, Royal Wood and Ennis Esmer. So at least we finished the series on a high!

Over the five seasons, the show had aired on either Sundays or Tuesdays. However, the series moved to a Thursday at 9 p.m. on 15 July and this is how the drama concluded. Episodes from all 5 seasons are available to stream on-demand now on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video.

What is Private Eyes?

G.B. Joyce’s bestselling novel titled The Code was turned into a television show by Tim Kilby and Shelley Eriksen. Originally, the show was named after the novel but it later got called “Private Eyes”. 

The story follows Matthew Kevin and Angelina Susan, Angelina was Matthew’s boss until they become agency partners at Everette investigations. Angelina took over the firm after the death of her father and the detective duo worked together on a multitude of cases. The private investigators solely solve cases in Toronto and fans love the show for its different twists and turns – it’s certainly a rollercoaster of emotions.

Fans of Private Eyes want to be left clinging onto the edge of their seats one last time. So, keep your fingers crossed that a miracle will happen and when the time is right, everyone’s favourite show (Private Eyes) gets renewed.

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