Who is Pauline Etienne aka Sylvie Dubois from Into The Night?

Bruno Cooke September 7, 2021
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Into The Night season 2 premieres on 8 September following its renewal in July last year so who is Pauline Etienne, who plays former military helicopter pilot Sylvie Bridgette Dubois, and what else has she been in?

Who is Pauline Etienne?

Born 26 June 1989, Pauline Etienne is a Belgian actress. She hails from Ixelles in suburban Brussels and landed her first screen role at the age of 18, in 2008.

That year, for her minor role in Élève Libre (Private Lessons), directed by Joachim Lafosse, she received an award for most promising actress.

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However, her breakthrough came the following year, with a starring role in Le Bel Âge. 

What has she been in since?

Since then, she has appeared in multiple films and television series – mostly French-language – including The Nun (2013), Eden (2014) and The Bureau (2016). 

In 2018 (2019 in the UK), Etienne appeared in her first English-language film, Old Boys. Her character, Agnes, is the “achingly cool daughter” of a new French schoolmaster and is at the centre of a web of unspoken school-age crushes.

“The film is a love letter to the love letter,” wrote Wendy Ide for The Guardian. “And I fell for it completely.”

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Who does she play in Into The Night?

Belgian apocalyptic sci-fi drama series Into The Night features Pauline Etienne as Sylvie Bridgette Dubois. The show was Netflix’s first Belgian original series when it premiered in May 2020.

Because of her experience, Sylvie Dubois becomes a natural leader for a group of passengers on a commercial aircraft hijacked by an Italian former NATO soldier.

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Into the Night Season 2 | Official Teaser | Netflix

Into the Night Season 2 | Official Teaser | Netflix

Etienne stars alongside Laurent Capelluto (as the pilot of the aircraft), Stefano Cassetti (as the NATO officer – in season 1) and several others as fellow passengers.

Season 2 of Into The Night will premiere on 8 September on Netflix. Its release was delayed as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. This, plus the cliffhanger ending of season 1, means fans are eager to catch the second season tomorrow.

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