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Paris Buckingham’s Bold and Beautiful braided hair transformation is a must-see

Darcy Rafter April 19, 2022
Paris Buckingham’s Bold and Beautiful braided hair transformation is a must-see
Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Paris Buckingham is back on The Bold And The Beautiful with a bang, and Zende’s head isn’t the only one that’s turning. Upon her return, she debuted a stunning new hair transformation which is a must-see for all daytime soap opera fans.

Sheila’s dramatic storyline has taken front and centre in recent episodes, but Paris’ stunning new ‘do is bound to take over. Diamond White has had a plethora of stand-out looks since she first debuted as Paris back in November 2020.

Ever since Paris stood up to her mom, she hasn’t been seen on the soap much. However, Carter has been pushing Zende to propose to Paris, with new hair and fresh nails… maybe she sees it coming!

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Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Paris Buckingham’s Bold and Beautiful braided hair transformation

Paris appeared in B&B’s Thursday 14th April episode with a brand new hairstyle. She kept the blonde but added long braided extensions that reach the bottom of her back.

The Forrester employee always has the coolest style, after all, she does work for one of the world’s most elite fashion companies. Paris originally appeared on the canvas with pink hair and fans immediately took a liking to her, but it wasn’t long before she changed her hair to a blonde look. Just in time for Autumn, White went orange, before going blonde again in time for Christmas.

Diamond White takes to Twitter to talk about hair pressures

Diamond White has recently spoken out about expressing herself through her hair, as she ‘don’t wanna look like everyone else.’ This is why she regularly dyes her hair, but Diamond also opened up about wanting ‘long black hair’ and the complexities and feelings that surround this.

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Not only does she find her long black hair ‘boring’ but it also reminds White of her 16-year-old self and the pressures she felt from society. White concludes the tweet by stating that she thinks people who watch her want her to look ‘normal’ but then questions why she even cares. Diamond White’s vulnerable and open posts have propelled her to become a relatable figure for soap fans and black women alike.

Diamond White’s different hair transformations explored

Diamond White shares her hair transformations with her 340K Instagram followers. For religious followers of the actor, you will have seen her post the new look on Valentine’s Day 2022.

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