Where to find Only Murders In The Building merch: Sweatshirts galore

Darcy Rafter October 13, 2021


Hulu’s Only Murders In The Building, is a newfound fan favourite. With worldwide viewers hooked on the series, everyone want’s to know where to find the merch.

The comedy stars Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin as neighbours who start a podcast to investigate a recent murder in their building.

With sweatshirts and tie-dye clothes at your fingertips, Only Murders In The Building merch really has knocked it out of the park.

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Only Murders in the Building | Official Trailer

Only Murders in the Building | Official Trailer

Where to find Only Murders In The Building merch

RedBubble and Etsy are the main places to go if you want to get your hands on some Only Murders In The Building merchandise.

Both of these sites have a range of different options with the series logo and title branded across the garments.

Of course, you can buy a couple of the major things from the show not included in the merchandise. For example, a new Scrabble board game as they play on a date night in the series. Or even a wooden pinboard which the trio used to investigate the murder.

Sweatshirts and tie-dye galore

Title T-shirt – £14.74

Mabel Mora Sticker – $5

The Arconia Shirt – $22

Crew hoody – £28.76

The only thing sexier than a bassoon Shirt – £17.94

Oliver’s tie-dye hoody – $34.97

Gut Milk Sticker – $3

Only Murders In The Building Holy Trinity candles – £41.46

Framed poster – £30.68

Tote – £23.22

Mabel, Oliver and Charles mug – £13.26

Knit hat beanie – £18.50

Where to find items worn by the characters

The trio is extremely fashion-forward, and if you’re wanting some of their chic fits instead of the merch then look no further. Selena Gomez’s Mabel has a completely crush-worthy wardrobe on the show, so, let’s delve into her closet.

You can definitely tell that Mabel wears clothes based on her favourite childhood classics, The Hardy Boys books. Most of her outfits scream ‘thrifted in New York’ and we are most definitely here for it.

Some of the standout looks are from episodes 1 and 9. In episode 1 Mabel wears a bright yellow faux fur jacket with a matching beanie and headphones worn over it. To finish off she wears tinted glasses, paired with combat boots and plaid trousers.

You can get your hands on a similar look with these items:

Fur jacket

Orange tinted glasses



Plaid trousers

The last episode that aired showed Mabel in a more muted outfit. Possibly mirroring the dark situation they are in, she is wearing practically all black. Wearing a long-sleeve black and grey knit paired with a leather miniskirt and suede boots.

You can get your hands on a similar look with these items:

Suede boots



Only Murders In The Building plot


Over the course of ten episodes, a true-crime obsessed trio bond over a popular podcast. The friends then find themselves investigating the murder of Tim Kono from their building and making a podcast of their own to document their discoveries.

Just when they think they have solved Tim’s murder, they come to realise that their pinned suspects were nowhere near Tim at the time that he died.

The situation starts to worsen when it seems that Jan was killed for even taking interest in Tim’s case. As the others start to worry about their wellbeing and their involvement in the case, the final pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place.

The penultimate episode of the series not only reveals who killed Tim Kono but gives hints that there may be another killer in the mix. Tune in next week when we discover the truth behind the murders in the building.

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