GH fans say Nikolas and Esme's kiss was like 'Titanic' but some aren't convinced

Darcy Rafter June 14, 2022
GH fans say Nikolas and Esme's kiss was like 'Titanic' but some aren't convinced

General Hospital fans can’t make their minds up about Nikolas and Esme’s passionate kiss. Was it a Jack Dawson and Rose Titanic-type moment, or was it far from the sort?

General Hospital writers have been teasing a Nikolas and Esme hookup for a long time, and viewers knew that when Esme moved into Wyndemere, chaos would follow. Ava was already unhappy with her moving in and warned Nik that she was nothing but trouble. Although, she really has thrown a spanner in the works and Ava and Nikolas’ marriage is on rocky grounds thanks to Esme.

Nikolas and Esme’s love scene has left social media split in opinions with some sparking outrage at the kiss and others finding it romantic bliss.

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Nikolas and Ava are on the rocks

Nikolas seems to be upset about betraying Ava but continues with his unfaithful actions by keeping Esme a secret. However, Ava is more than suspicious about his behaviour and this may just push her to file for divorce. Although, Laura advises her not to give up on her marriage too soon.

Ava says she’s practising at the gun range for something, and Laura guesses this has to do with Esme. Laura tells her she put in a letter of recommendation to the school she’s looking to send Avery to as Nik has asked her to do. This shocks Ava as she didn’t think he was paying any attention to her, maybe things are looking up for the pair?

GH fans say Nikolas and Esme’s kiss was like ‘Titanic’

Esme finds Nikolas drinking at Wyndemere and joins him, she apologises for putting the trust fund issue with Ava on him. Whilst doing this she also reveals to Nikolas that her relationship with Spencer is over as she feels they don’t put each other first. Nikolas wraps his jacket around Esme as she pretends to be cold. She then tells Nikolas he also deserves better and says that if Ava can’t put him first he should find someone who will.

Nikolas doesn’t want to speak about his marriage but he still thinks she and Spencer can sort things out. Esme says that Spencer doesn’t want to make love anymore and it’s just not working out. She then says it doesn’t seem to be working between him and Ava either.

Esme says she must go but Nikolas says she’s welcome there anytime, she then makes him feel guilty by saying nobody is picking her and even her own boyfriend doesn’t want her. Nikolas reassures her that he wants her and when she asks him to prove it, he plants a big kiss on her.

GH fans react to Nikolas and Esme’s kiss

Nikolas’ portrayer revealed in an Instagram live with Maurice Benard that fans think he and Esme are a super couple. Others have told him “Not since Titanic have we seen such a good kiss.” Although, let’s find out what Twitter fans think about the ordeal.

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