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Who is the serial killer as Narcos: Mexico wraps up Juarez subplot?

Yasmine Leung November 19, 2021
Who is the serial killer as Narcos: Mexico wraps up Juarez subplot?

Season 3 of Narcos: Mexico features a sub-plot revolving around a serial killer guilty of femicide in Ciudad Juárez. Luis Gerardo Méndez plays Victor Tapia, the police officer who tracks down the murderer, but who portrays the criminal?

*WARNING: Season 3 spoilers ahead*

The third and final season of Narcos: Mexico hit Netflix on 5 November, introducing new character Victor Tapia.

Many viewers failed to warm to the serial killer storyline as it ended with no explanation. However, the series does reflect the true story of femicides in 1990s Ciudad Juárez and the alleged lack of governmental action against the perpetrators.

Abdul Latif Sharif was the prime suspect for the rape and murder spree; he was was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

More bodies were found during his imprisonment, although Sharif claimed the police fabricated the murder cases against him because he was an easy target given his criminal background.

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Pam & Tommy | Teaser Trailer | Hulu

Pam & Tommy | Teaser Trailer | Hulu

Episode 10 serial killer storyline recap

Due to budget cuts caused by a nationwide depression, Victor is fired and forced to work for Vincente. When a number of women go missing in Juárez, Victor identifies the serial killer as a man driving a gold Cadillac.

After realising the killer targets women near factories, he camps out and catches the killer in the act. Holding the killer at gunpoint, Victor demands he unbuttons his shirt and, sure enough, his chest is covered in scratches from victims.

We all think it’s case closed after Victor puts multiple bullets through the murderer’s head, but that sadly isn’t the case. The bodies of seven more women are discovered, meaning there’s more than one killer on the loose.

In the end, the sub-plot isn’t elaborated further. In fact, Victor ends up with a bullet in his head. It’s fired by his partner Rogelio, who becomes a DEA informant and the Cartel sends him to kill Victor.

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Who is the serial killer in Narcos: Mexico?

Hans Obma portrays The Cadillac Man, aka the serial killer. The actor lives in Los Angeles but hails from La Crosse, Wisconsin.

He studied journalism at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and graduated in 2002. During his time there, he also took courses in Spanish and studied abroad in France, Germany and Colombia, giving him the language skills to score the majority of his roles to date.

Obma is best known for his recurring role in Better Call Saul as German-speaking construction worker Adrian.

Other shows include NCIS: New Orleans as German villain Hans Mattis, and his first recurring prime-time role as The Vampire Diaries’ Gregor, a Czechoslovakian warlock.

Not to mention Marvel, where he portrayed Hydra Scientist in episode 8 of WandaVision.

As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also sufficient in Russian. His character, Horvat from General Hospital, was Russian.

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