GH star Nancy Grahn's daughter's transformation from 'shy child' to rock star

Darcy Rafter June 16, 2022
GH star Nancy Grahn's daughter's transformation from 'shy child' to rock star

General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn has shared her daughter’s exciting transformation from ‘shy child’ to rock star ahead of her latest single release.

Grahn has had a successful 26-year tenure on the soap playing Alexis Davis. A lot has happened in her personal life throughout her career, with her most recent issue demanding her to step away from the canvas for a while.

Grahn needed back surgery to remove a cyst that had been causing her excruciating pain for more than six months. Following the surgery, she has been pain-free and didn’t even take painkillers, just two Tylenol in all.

Fans know Kate Grahn, daughter of Nancy Lee Grahn, is a very talented musician – but did you know she was known as a ‘shy girl’ back in the day?

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Nancy Lee Grahn opens up about her daughter

Just like her GH character, Grahn is also a single mother and her only child is daughter Katherine Grace, who was born in 1998. The 23-year-old has likely followed in her stepdad’s musical footsteps as Nancy’s fiance Richard Smith is a guitarist who is also a professor at the Thornton School Of Music at USC in LA.

In a recent Instagram, Grahn shared her daughter’s pre-save link with a hilarious caption: “I think my daughter @Kate.Grahn’s new single Living Hell might be about me, but not sure.”

Nancy also shared that her daughter was always “such a shy and demure child” but now she is rock and roll and it is fabulous to watch her grow.

Nancy Lee Grahn has also shared personal updates about her daughter with fans. She revealed that when Kate was eight years old, she had been through four years of an “extremely traumatic custody battle” when Nancy noticed Kate started demonstrating different behaviours.

Grahn revealed she would tap the floor a certain number of times on both sides of her while walking, and look left and right an equal amount of times. After bringing her to the UCLA Anxiety Disorder Clinic, she was diagnosed with OCD and Tic Disorder. She was then put into treatment and experienced several clinical trials for the next eight years along with therapy.

The GH star has always supported her daughter on her musical journey and is especially proud of the music video she made. Kate used the money she received from her godparents after her graduation from the Thornton School Of Music. “As you can tell, I’m so very proud of all her accomplishments, her professionalism, and talent,” Grahn shared, “but most of all her willingness to share her beautiful heart through her art.”

Kate Grahn’s transformation from ‘shy child’ to rock star

Kate has even written a song about her OCD and tics entitled Untangling. The singer has taken to Instagram to share the meaning behind the song. In the video, she explains “Tic Disorder is commonly associated with OCD and it’s an offshoot of Tourettes”. The singer also explained people’s perceptions of OCD are often that it is a “cute quirk.” In reality, she says: “It’s constant worrying and intrusive, horrible thoughts.” She said music was her only way of coping with those thoughts.

Using her guitar as her security blanket she used her voice as an emotional release for expressing her feelings. The video allowed her to give a visual representation of what it’s like to have these disorders as she hopes others will “feel seen”.

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