How old is Nadeem Islam? Age of The Bay's Jamal actor explored

Darcy Rafter January 13, 2022
How old is Nadeem Islam? Age of The Bay’s Jamal actor explored

The Bay has finally returned to our screens with season 3, bringing a brand new detective and crime that has stalled the small seaside town of Morecambe. Another new member to join the cast is Nadeem Islam who is playing the role of Jamal in the series. Fans are confused about his age, so let’s explore how old he is.

DS Jenn Townsend aka Marsha Thomason is another newbie on the cast and is assigned to support the family of a young boxer, Saif Rahman, whose body is found in the bay on her first day at work.

Let’s discover who Nadeem Islam is as he joins ITV’s smash hit crime drama The Bay. As we compare the actor’s age with how old the character of Jamal is.

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How old is Nadeem Islam?

Nadeem Islam is 25 years old and was born in 1996. He is supposedly playing a sixth form student meaning his character is between 16-18 years old.

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Islam is a Deaf actor and his role on The Bay is one of his first big acting roles. On set, Nadeem had a BSL interpreter, Emma, and the crew had also had BSL training to make communicating easier. The production team also wore clear masks so it was easier for Islam to lip-read.

Nadeem is making waves in the industry and is keen to get a wider platform to promote the Deaf community. Therefore, he avoided only speaking all the way through the scenes and used BSL to ensure that the Deaf character is being represented correctly.

The budding actor contributes that we need a “Deaf John McClane, a Deaf Captain Marvel or even a Deaf James Bond” and we couldn’t agree more.

The Bay’s Jamal actor explored

The real standout performance of the series is from Nadeem Islam, who plays Saif’s younger brother, Jamal. Jamal is a deaf teenager who is loyal to his religion but struggles with family life.

Feeling a bit lost in life and with the news of his brother, he finds comfort in a newfound bond with DS Hobson. As she knows sign language too, they can communicate with one another. The pairs heartwarming relationship will certainly bring a tear to your eye.

Jamal is a key character as he knows something that DC Karen Hobson aka Erin Shanagher wants to know, and could be a big help to the case.

He is introduced in season 3 as a sixth form student and is first seen wearing his school uniform, this is when fans became confused by his age.

Many fans of the show think the actor looks a lot older than the sixth form student he is portraying and has taken to Twitter to share their confusion.

The Bay fans ask how old Jamal is

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