Michael Peterson, subject of HBO's The Staircase, net worth explored

Jo Craig May 20, 2022
Michael Peterson, subject of HBO's The Staircase, net worth explored

**Warning – Spoilers ahead for The Staircase**

As viewers get deeper into the unraveling case outlined in HBO Max’s The Staircase, interested parties are curious to know more about the protagonist Michael Peterson.

We explore the real Michael Peterson’s net worth, discuss where he is now, and provide an episode guide to the series ahead.

With Antonio Campos and Maggie Cohn at the helm of the true-crime drama, The Staircase is a dramatisation of Kathleen Peterson’s murder as covered by the 2014 docuseries of the same name by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade. The Staircase stars Colin Firth, Toni Collette, Parker Posey, Sophie Turner and Dane DeHaan.

The Staircase | Official Trailer | HBO Max

The Staircase | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Michael Peterson’s net worth

Celebrity Net Worth reports Michael Peterson’s net worth currently sits at $500,000 (£400,500).

As well as being the subject of The Staircase, Peterson is also an established author, which is where a lot of his net worth comes from.

Peterson wrote six novels between 1983 and 2007: The Immortal Dragon, A Time Of War, A Bitter Peace, Charlie Two Shoes, Marines Of Love Company, and Operation Broken Reed.

The author also released his memoirs – Behind The Staircase and Beyond The Staircase – outlining his account of his wife’s murder and his subsequent incarceration. The proceeds from both memoirs were donated to charity.

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Where is Michael Peterson now?

As reported by Hello Magazine, Michael Peterson is 78 years old and lives as a free man in Durham, North Carolina.

Peterson has continued to write from his two-bedroom condo in the American state after walking away from his last trial in 2017.

Peterson was convicted of the murder of his second wife, Kathleen, in 2001 and spent eight years in prison before he was issued a retrial over misreported blood tests. He was placed under house arrest from 2011 to 2017 and entered into an Alford plea to the lesser charge of manslaughter during his last trial in 2017.

Peterson was sentenced to 86 months in prison but was not incarcerated because he had already served 98.5 months in prison. An Alford plea is a guilty plea in which a defendant maintains their innocence but admits the prosecution’s evidence would likely result in a guilty verdict if brought to trial.

The Staircase episode guide

HBO Max has billed eight episodes for The Staircase and has also been labelled a miniseries, meaning the narrative won’t extend past one season.

The Staircase debuted with a three-episode premiere on Thursday, 5 May 2022 and the airing pattern has now settled down to releasing one chapter per week.

We have outlined an episode guide below, including episode titles and release dates, to help navigate your watch:

  • Episode 1: 911 – May 5, 2022
  • Episode 2: Chiroptera – May 5, 2022
  • Episode 3: The Great Dissembler – May 5, 2022
  • Episode 4: Common Sense – May 12, 2022
  • Episode 5: The Beating Heart – May 19, 2022
  • Episode 6: Red In Tooth Claw – May 26, 2022
  • Episode 7: Seek And Ye Shall – June 2, 2022
  • Episode 8: America’s Sweetheart or Time Over Time – June 9, 2022

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

The Staircase is now available to stream on HBO Max.

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