Did Mia Queen’s return as Green Arrow on The Flash bring closure?

Darcy Rafter December 15, 2021
Did Mia Queen’s return as Green Arrow on The Flash bring closure?

Katherine McNamara returned as character Mia Queen in The Flash as she dropped in from the future to save her brother. Did Green Arrow’s appearance bring the closure fans were longing for?

The Armageddon event was certainly inspired by the Arrowverse crossover, therefore it would have felt meaningless without an appearance from Green Arrow herself.

The fifth and final hour of the CW series premiered yesterday (14 December 2021), and we’re still recovering from the eventful Armageddon conclusion. Let’s discover what went down…

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Did Mia Queen’s return as Green Arrow bring closure?

Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak’s daughter, Mia Queen, was one of a couple of Arrowverse characters who returned for the final five-episode event.

CW ultimately decided to cancel potential spin-off Green Arrow And The Canaries. Therefore, some unanswered questions that would have been concluded in the spin-off were seemingly put to bed in the Armageddon finale. Mia’s arrival in Armageddon Part 5 addressed some of the threads from the show as she helped Team Flash in their final battle with Reverse-Flash.

Mia Queen’s return in The Flash definitely gave a certain amount of closure. It reinforced her determination to find William and nothing was going to stand in her way. The pressure she feels to continue the Green Arrow legacy is immense but she is definitely headstrong about holding on to her family name. Hence why she is so desperate to find her brother.

The last time fans saw Mia was in the Arrow’s series finale at her father’s funeral in 2020. She then time travelled to 2040 to find her brother William, who was kidnapped at the end of the pilot for axed series Green Arrow And The Canaries.

Mia Queen in Armageddon Part 5

Armageddon Part 5 opened with Team Flash getting hold of Eobard Thawne and taking him to the STAR Labs. They then had a big decision to make because of the interrupted timelines – let him go or save his life by sapping him of his speed.

“I say, let the plane crash!” Mia said while in the year 2021, searching for her brother. Mia then admitted to Iris she had been searching for her brother for two years. With her only clue being the “family pet rock” they were holding when he was taken. Iris suggests Mia reaches out to her mother about the situation but fears she hasn’t lived up to the Green Arrow legacy both her parents wanted. However, Mia takes her advice and reaches out to Felicity.

Kate McNamara was asked by TVLine whether she received closure for her character and responded: “I got a little bit of closure. I mean, look, there’s still a lot of Mia’s storyline that is yet to be resolved, and I’m very glad for that. I think that by the end of this episode, Mia feels very welcomed in this world, and I hope it’s not the last time we see her.”

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Arrorverse character returns to The Flash

In the new future of 2040, Mia is a resident and socialite of Star City and, as the character returns, she brings closure to loose threads in the narrative. After encouragement by Laurel Lance, she takes over from Oliver as Green Arrow before being brought back to the past to attend her father’s funeral.

Mia’s fate is supposedly tied with the fate of the world, meaning she will be a hero just like her parents – continuing the Green Arrow legacy.

McNamara looking at a potential future for the role of Green Arrow, told Yahoo: “If there’s anything we know for sure it’s that Mia will not rest until she finds her brother, because he’s the last piece of her family [in 2040]. She made a promise to Oliver that she would take care of William and take care of Felicity, and she feels as though she’s broken that promise by losing William, and she can’t rest until she fixes that.”

The Flash will return in March 2022 and fans are keen to know what the next part of the story is for the characters. Fingers crossed Green Arrow appears again.

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