Vicky Araico is one of the actresses in new Netflix series Daughter from Another Mother. Caught up in all the baby-swapping drama, Vicky appears alongside Ludwika Paleta, Paulina Goto, Oka Giner, Liz Gallardo and more.

Anyone looking for a lockdown binge is in luck this January as Netflix brings out new series from all over the world. Daughter from Another Mother may be brought to us in Spanish, but non-Spanish speakers don’t be deterred as the series is addictive regardless of any language barriers.

After two babies are accidentally swapped at birth, their mothers, who live in two very different worlds, are forced to befriend one another to make things work.

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Screenshot: Daughter from Another Mother – Netflix

Vicky Araico: Daughter from Another Mother

Vicky Araico, 33, has had an acting career spanning over a decade. Now, viewers will recognise her as Lorena from the new Netflix series Daughter from Another Mother.

Vicky plays Teresa’s friend in the series, the grandmother of one of the main characters. Together, characters Teresa and Lorena work at a salon.

Prior to her role as Lorena in the Netflix series, Vicky played ‘Tomas’ Mother’ in 2013 film starring Brad Pitt World War Z.

Since then, Vicky has mainly appeared in TV series including Señorita Pólvora, La Bandida, Doña Flor y sus dos maridos and False Identity.


Vicky Araico on Instagram

Vicky can be found on Instagram @vicky.araico with 2.5k followers. Her account may be comprised of just 12 posts but, by the looks of things, she only joined IG in 2020.

The Netflix star describes herself as a “Seeker, Lover, Eater, Actress and Movement Professional” in her IG bio.

She’s also on Twitter @VickyAraico.

Will Daughter from Another Mother renew for season 2?

Since Daughter from Another Mother dropped on Netflix on January 20th 2021, viewers are keen for a second season to be confirmed.

Taking to Twitter, many fans of season 1 are asking if a season 2 is on the cards.

One person Tweeted: “So just finished #DaughterFromAnotherMother in @Netflx. How can it be just 9 episodes?!! Time went by so fast! I need season 2 now! I want to know what happens to Ana next.”

It’s currently too early to tell whether the show will be renewed for another season, however, Netflix often renews its most popular shows. No official filming or release dates have been released, but if they are, we’ll be sure to update you here.

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