Matt Atkinson struts his stuff to make fun of influencers in light-hearted clip

Darcy Rafter September 29, 2022
Matt Atkinson struts his stuff to make fun of influencers in light-hearted clip
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Matt Atkinson, best known for playing Thomas on The Bold And The Beautiful, has a large social media following, it appears he could even be an Instagram influencer himself after strutting his stuff in this lighthearted clip.

Thomas Forrester has finally conquered the mental illness he suffered on The Bold And The Beautiful. After all, the character has been through a lot, what with the battle over Douglas, Taylor and Brooke’s ongoing feud over Thomas’ father, and his non-existent love life.

Let’s take a look as Atkinson pretends to be an influencer caught in the wild, in this fun light-hearted clip.

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Matt Atkinson struts his stuff to make fun of influencers

Atkinson has recently shared an Instagram video of him jesting about Instagram vs reality, and how influencers typically create idyllic content on their pages. Matt is pretending to be a stereotypical influencer as he shares a calming clip of a lake surrounded by greenery. He summons the camera to follow him and skips along the whimsical path whilst waving his hands in the air.

Text on the video reads “Influencers be like…” and the caption is directed at his co-star and best friend Scott Clifton: “Another “how to” for @cliftoncam.” Suggesting that Atkinson is teaching his fellow castmate how to be a good Instagram influencer. However, Clifton is already a pro in the game with 187,000 followers a hefty 128K more than Atkinson’s 58,900.

Clifton responded to the video writing: “😮 [furiously scribbles notes]” as users followed in his footsteps and flooded the comments section penning: “I ugly laughed, this is fantastic” whilst others simply shared laughing emojis.

Matt Atkinson and Scott Clifton’s bromance explored

The pair met many moons ago when they were both attending a CBS Emmy after party. The duo instantly hit it off but their bond became so deep that they sometimes found it hard to stay in character when filming scenes together.

As the pair revealed in a Soap Opera Digest interview that they “will start laughing or blow each other a kiss or something uncomfortable like that.” The duo says that it is down to their ability to “make fun out of everything” and  “once you’re on that track, sometimes you just can’t get off of it, and then you can’t help but break in the middle of the scene.”

Scott and Matt said they began hanging out off-screen properly after the covid pandemic as Atkinson asked his co-star “Dude, can we just please go get a beer when this is over and debrief?” The pair then discovered their mutual love for camping which led them to go on trips away together.

Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Matt Atkinson’s camping saga

Clifton explained that he and Atkinson each have a “snooty elitism” when it comes to camping, and after their terrible experiences, they’re happy to judge the people who use the word camping “in vain.”

That’s right, Scott and Matt aren’t the types to go glamping in a yurt and call it a camping trip. That’s because on one of their trips they really had to rough it. The campsite was shut, they struggled to find a place to stay, and they were met with wind and heavy snow!

Matt said they both braved it and “What worked out very well in that circumstance is when you go on an adventure with someone who is as game for the adventure as you are.” So neither of them complained and a couple of weeks later they went camping again and it ran a lot more smoothly.

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