Since its release in 2017, American Gods has been home to many familiar faces. Fans are now going wild over rumours of a guest appearance you may recognise as one of the gods of rock: Marilyn Manson. So are the rumours true? Is Marilyn Manson in American Gods?

Is Marilyn Manson in American Gods?

Let’s get straight to the point here: Yes, Marilyn Manson is in American Gods season 3.

Manson features as Johan Wengren, the leader of death metal band Blood Death – an apt choice, in tone with Manson’s dark aesthetic and the show’s general atmosphere. However, Manson is not the only notable casting choice for the latest season.

Furthermore, American Gods is not the singer’s first TV appearance, as he he has also starred in Sons of Anarchy, Salem and The New Pope. Due his success in these roles, fans are eager to see what Manson’s character has in store for them on American Gods season 3.

What is American Gods about and where can I watch it?

If reading about Marilyn Manson’s cameo in American Gods season 3 has convinced you to tune in, then you are probably wondering where to watch the show.


According to IGN, American Gods is about a battle between the Old and New Gods which rule over humanity: “Given how neither the New Gods or Old Gods want to abandon America, their conflict is headed towards war. The Old Gods need belief to survive. The New Gods don’t want to share it.”

Watch the first season trailer below:

The first two seasons of American Gods are available to watch on Amazon Prime in their entirety, with the third season’s opening episode, just added yesterday, 10 January. Starting this week, a new episode will be released each Monday.

American Gods season 3 promises many interesting additions to the existing plot. The story follows Shadow Moon on his search for his roots and Mr. Wednesday looking oddly furtive, as if in hiding. Wonder what that’s about?

You can watch the season 3 trailer of American Gods, featuring Marilyn Manson, here:

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