Who plays Margaret in The Queen’s Gambit? Based on Walter Tevis’s 1983 novel, the show is Netflix’s “unlikeliest hit of the year”. But who plays Beth Harmon’s high-school classmate Margaret? Meet Dolores Carbonari.

Emerging actress Dolores Carbonari

Bringing the character of Margaret to life in The Queen’s Gambit is British television and movie actress Dolores Carbonari.

Carbonari is an emerging talent, having appeared in just one other production, Cesare (2017)

The Queen’s Gambit marks Carbonari’s first foray into television acting. However, she also has a radio credit for portraying Nerissa Locke in BBC Radio 4’s The Christchurch Murder.

She has also been involved in several stage productions since 2015. These include frequent student collaborations in Cambridge, as listed in CamDram.

Besides acting, Carbonari has voiced her support for the Black Lives Matter movement and includes a link to Ways You Can Help in her Instagram bio.

Who is Margaret in the Queen’s Gambit?

Margaret is a recurring character, appearing in four episodes of The Queen’s Gambit – Fork, Middle Game, Doubled Pawns and Exchanges. She is main character Beth’s classmate in high school.

The Queen’s Gambit premiered on 23 October on Netflix.

What is a ‘Queen’s Gambit’?

The real life ‘Queen’s Gambit’ is a chess opening that starts with the moves:

  1. d4 d5
  2. c4

In layman’s terms, this means white moves the pawn in front of their queen forward two spaces. Black mirrors white. Then, white moves the pawn in front of the bishop (next to the queen) forward two spaces.

White appears to sacrifice the pawn, hence the appellation “gambit”. This opening has origins as far back as the 15th century. It is one of the oldest known chess openings, and is still frequently played today.

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