Who is Major Goodner? That’s the question on WandaVision fans’ minds, after Marvel revealed a much-hyped character – Major Goodner – to be no one anyone had heard of. We investigate Marvel’s latest reveal.

Major spoiler? Major Goodner

WandaVision episode 7 contained two major reveals, one of which has proved controversial. Monica’s engineer friend appeared to be someone called Major Goodner – except, no one knows who Major Goodner is.

Joe thought they’d whittled the options down to five suspects, namely Reed Richards, Victor Von Doom, Hank McCoy, James Rhodes and Adam Brashear. But it wasn’t any of those.

Instead, WandaVision surprised audiences by introducing Major Goodner, a completely new character. 

major goodner marvel

As GamesRadar observes, “Major Goodner seemingly has no comic-book connections at all”. 

As a result, the revelation came as a bit of a disappointment to some fans. For a character reveal to receive so much hype, and yet to be a completely new character, has ruffled some feathers. 

Twitter marvels at Major Goodner

Fans took to Twitter to discuss the Major Goodner character, while some are simply baffled by this plot twist from outside the Marvel comics.

Others are intent on finding connections between Major Goodner and the rest of the Marvel universe.

Fans have begun to theorise as to Major Goodner’s true identity.

Meanwhile, over on Reddit, the conversation is moving quickly.

Reddit users share theories about Major Goodner

Reddit users have expressed their consternation at the Marvel universe’s latest revelation. 

User Andrew69__ wrote: “why’d they do us like that 😭”


However, several have seen through the introduction of Major Goodner, and claim that Goodner is not actually the reveal

Rather, Goodner is just an interim character, and Monica’s aerospace engineer friend remains unknown to audiences.

On a different subreddit, user R0xis suggested: “Maybe we didn’t meet the engineer yet? Could be that she was just dropping off the truck?”

User b_free100 wrote: “Goodner isn’t who Monica was talking about, they made it clear goodner was simply delivering the truck, not the one who built it, the actress who plays Monica has already said in an interview the reveal of the engineer is going to be BIG!”

In support of this theory is an interview with Monica Rambeau actress Teyonah Parris. She told ComicBook.com, “When I, well … I can’t wait to see what y’all’s reaction is when you learn who the aerospace engineer is.”

So, who is Marvel’s Major Goodner really?

Meanwhile, Reddit user SnooSeagulls28 wrote: “Major Goodner was just hyped up TOO much to have nothing to do with any of this. She is a completely new marvel character. Nothing about her in the comics, other marvel movies, shows, ect.”

They then went on to introduce a new theory: “May be a broken record at this point”, they wrote, “but i feel like shes (sic) gonna be the Major who leads the Fantastic 4’s squadron when they go to space.”

Episode 8 can’t come too soon.

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