Lynette Romero says leaving KTLA was her "choice" in emotional goodbye

Eve Edwards September 15, 2022
Lynette Romero says leaving KTLA was her "choice" in emotional goodbye
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After 24 years, Lynette Romero is finally leaving KTLA to move on to “pursue another opportunity,” as announced by the network on September 14, 2022.

“Our friend Lynette has decided to move on from anchoring our weekend morning news,” Sam Rubin announced on-air this Wednesday last (September 14). “KTLA management hoped she would stay here her entire career in KTLA, [they] worked hard to make that happen but Lynette has decided to move on to another opportunity elsewhere.”

Now, Lynette Romero has taken to Instagram to say an emotional goodbye to her fans and clear up the reason for her departure.

Lynette Romero says leaving KTLA was her “choice”

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After KTLA announced on-air and in a Twitter post that Lynette Romero was to be leaving the network, the weekend news anchor provided her own statement in a series of Instagram Stories on September 14, 2022.

Romero says in the clip posted to Instagram: “Hello my friends, I feel like I needed to get on here and let you hear it from me, because you’re asking why I didn’t announce my departure from KTLA after 24 years. I guess it wasn’t my announcement to make and that’s okay. Everything happens for a reason. So, I just wanted to tell you that yes, it’s true, I’m leaving. Yes, it was my choice. I will explain all of it to you – I have shared my whole life with you and I will share this with you – when I can.”

“I’m sad because it’s the end of a beautiful part of my life. Every important moment in my life as an adult over the past 24 years has happened while I’ve been at KTLA: my marriage, the birth of my child, raising her, taking her to college, moving my mom here, saying goodbye to my mom. All the things that have mattered in my life as a grown up has been while I’ve been here,” Romero continued to say.

Lynette Romero states “there’s more to do” where she’s going next

In her statement on Instagram, Lynette Romero alluded to her next career moves, although she has yet to confirm where she is going. As she said in the clip, Romero will confirm where she is moving “when [she] can.”

“It’s been a beautiful ride, thank you for everything. It’s not over yet… But there’s more to do and I’m taking all those experiences with a full heart of gratitude. So, come with me and we’ll explore what’s next,” Romero said in the Instagram Story.

So, we’ll have to wait in anticipation of Romeo’s next announcement about her move from KTLA.

Corsage | Official Trailer

Corsage | Official Trailer

Lynette is just one of many anchors leaving KTLA this year

This year has seen a wave of changes in the KTLA network, with Lynette Romero being just one of many anchors headed elsewhere.

Back in July 2022, Christina Pascucci announced she was planning to leave the network after over a decade working there. Dayna Devon followed shortly after, announcing her departure from the weekend show last month, on August 14, 2022. Devon will stay on at KTLA, hosting the network’s Unscripted show.

This has not gone unnoticed by KTLA viewers, who are now questioning the departure of three longstanding anchors in the space of three months.

Meet the remaining on-air news team at KTLA

As the SoCal network is currently undergoing plenty of changes, you might want to know who is still sticking around.

When it comes to KTLA’s news reporting team, you will still find these anchors on-air: Chris Schauble, Megan Henderson, Sam Rubin, Frank Buckley, Jessica Holmes, Lu Parker, Glen Walker, Mark Mester.

Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images
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