Meet newcomer Lucien Cambric, aka D-Mac from Power Book 4

Olivia Olphin April 18, 2022
Meet newcomer Lucien Cambric, aka D-Mac from Power Book 4

The first season of Power Book IV: Force has just finished on Starz and fans can’t get enough of the spinoff series. However, many are wanting to know more about D-Mac, aka actor Lucien Cambric. We take a closer look at the young actor’s career so far.

Who is Lucien Cambric?

Lucien Cambric is an actor from Chicago. His role as D-Mac in Power Book 4 is his biggest role to date. Prior to this series he had smaller roles in TV series’ The Chi, Shameless, and Chicago P.D.

He currently has 22,000 followers on his Instagram account.

However, Cambric is not only an actor, he is also a musician and singer. He released his first short album in 2020 called The Wood Tape: Feel My Love. This was a mix of R&B and Soul and was only six tracks long.

He has also just released a song in collaboration with fellow musician ME11O called Old Day which came out on 3 March 2022.

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Who does he play in Power Book IV: Force?

Lucien Cambric plays Darnell ‘D-Mac’ McDowell, who comes across Tommy in the series. He is from Chicago’s Southside and is looking for someone to be his mentor.

He is intensely loyal, and totally independent, which can be both a good and a bad quality. Cambric described his character in an interview with TV Fanatic:

“He’s a young street kid. He’s from the South Side of Chicago. And he’s very intelligent. And he has a lot to learn. I think that he’s finding his way, and he’s coming into his own. I think that’s how he kind of fits. He fits into the universe because he’s a soldier.”

While Lucien Cambric’s age does not appear to be available online, D-Mac is only 16 in the series but is having to grow up incredibly fast due to the pressures of being on the streets in Chicago.

Cambric also said in an interview on Daytime Chicago that the Power series, and producer 50 Cent, are opening up doors for young teenagers from Chicago to make their mark and start their film careers.

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Power Book IV: Force | Official Trailer | STARZ

Power Book IV: Force | Official Trailer | STARZ
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