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All My Children alum Liz Vassey found it hard to 'trust people' after dad left

Darcy Rafter June 21, 2022
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General Hospital’s Maurice Benard reunited with All My Children alum Liz Vassey on this week’s episode of State Of Mind.

Vassey (ex-Emily Ann Sago) truly appreciates Benard (Sonny Corinthos) and was grateful to appear in his podcast episode. “You are destigmatizing and normalizing talking about mental health.” she started off, “You are to be applauded. I think you are saving lives.”

30 years after the pair met they finally reunited and the actors have a lot to catch up on, let’s explore more…

All My Children alum Liz Vassey appears on State Of Mind

Vassey started off by telling Bernard how she found her passion for acting, and it all started after her family moved to Hollywood, Florida. She became inspired after watching her sister in a play and by 15 years old she auditioned for All My Children and landed the role of Emmy.

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Benard played Nico Kelly on AMC at the time and recounts the first thing she thought of Maurice “I met you and your dimples were like the first thing I saw when I went to the screen test.” They chuckled “I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, but” she continued, “you were so kind and welcoming. I remember that day.”

Upon returning back to her family home from AMC, everything had changed in Vassey’s personal life. She explained to Benard, “After I screen-tested, we flew home and my father was gone by the time I got home. My father, as it turned out, had fallen in love with someone else. My father was a minister. It turned out that it had been going on for a period of time. My mother knew. I did not.”

She explained that in-between meeting Benard and getting the job, her whole life changed. Liz flew to New York and had a dad and she returned home and he had moved in with another person. As a 16-year-old, Vassey said the affair affected her but at the time she would have said she was “fine.” Although, she notes that she didn’t speak to her father for a while afterwards and her mother put her in therapy. She used her acting skills with her therapist and played it off as though she was doing okay.

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Liz Vassey found it hard to ‘trust people’ after dad left

However, she says later in life it affected her ability to trust people and that it had an impact on the type of men she chose to date and had issues with commitment. She was never scared that others would cheat on her more so that she was ‘like her dad’ and would cheat on her other half.

This led her to date people with drug and drinking problems as she went for people who she knew it wasn’t going to work out with. She also went to therapy to discuss her relationships who told her that she needed to change her relationship with ‘love’ in itself. The therapist also explained that she didn’t have a great template to look up to as a child.

Liz Vassey’s healing journey after her parent’s divorce led her to find different outlets to express her emotions: “I have always been athletic, but running became very important and sacred to me. It gave me something to do every morning.” She explained, “an outlet for anger and frustration. It became a huge part of my life.”

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