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Who is Laurence Rupp from Netflix's Barbarians? Meet the actor who plays Arminius

Bruno Cooke October 26, 2020
laurence rupp barbarians

Who is Laurence Rupp from Netflix’s Barbarians? The Austrian actor plays Arminius in the historical drama which covers the 9AD Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. Understandably, fans now want to know more about the actor behind the heroic Arminius.

Who is Laurence Rupp from Barbarians?

Born in 1987 in Vienna, Austria, Laurence Rupp is no stranger to the camera’s lens. Aged just 11, Rupp earned a place in a 1999 episode of Austrian crime series Inspector Rex (Kommissar Rex). 

Since graduating from high school in 2006, Rupp has appeared regularly in film and television projects. He has earned awards for his performances, including the Austrian Film Prize 2019 for Best Male Leading Role in Cops (2018).

About Last Night | Season 1 Official Trailer | Studiocanal International

He has also appeared in a swath of theatre productions, many of them a result of his work with Berliner Ensemble

Berliner Ensemble is considered to be one of the most prestigious and venerable theatres in Germany. Many of its productions address complex social issues, continuing the work of its namesake, Bertolt Brecht’s world-famous theatre company. 

Laurence Rupp Instagram

For those who want to show their love on social media, Rupp has an Instagram account. His handle is laurencerupp.

His latest posts are mostly promotional – surrounding Netflix’s Barbarians – but he has also posted in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

For those who still want to know more, we wrote about Barbarians actress Jeanne Goursaud here. At just 24 years old, she is one of the youngest members of the cast, and portrays Thusnelda.

Should you watch Netflix’s Barbarians, or Barbaren?

Barbarians is a German-language show, but – rest assured – subtitles are available for English speakers.

The first series follows three childhood friends who find themselves entangled in the fight against the expanding Roman Empire. 

Set in the year 9 AD, Barbarians (or Barbaren, in German) promises all the darkness, intrigue and gore one expects of the genre.

In the show, several Germanic tribes unite to face the challenge of the Roman legions. The legendary battle – of the Teutoburg Forest – that ensued affected the course of European history forever. So viewers might learn a thing or two about history, as well as being entertained!

Laurence Rupp’s character, Arminius

In Rupp’s words, Arminius was born in Germania but spent most of his life growing up in Rome. He is:

an astute, intelligent, tactically thinking person with great martial skills, who also understands politics. Because of a terrible experience in his childhood, which he can no longer let go, he is still driven by an energy that eventually overpowers him and he then questions his identity, which in turn leads to horrific acts. Also, he has a big heart that has a lot of love to give.

Barbarians, or Barbaren, premiered on Netflix on 23 October.

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