Meet Kim and Penn Holderness: Age and careers of Amazing Race winners

Amber Peake March 3, 2022
Meet Kim and Penn Holderness: Age and careers of Amazing Race winners


The Amazing Race came to an end this week as internet personalities Kim and Penn Holderness were crowned winners of the 2022 season.

Kim and Penn’s win made history on the competition series as they were dubbed the oldest contestants to have won the show.

Some fans are now curious to know Kim and Penn Holderness’ ages as well as more about their life away from The Amazing Race. Let’s take a look…

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Kim and Penn Holderness’ ages revealed

Kim and Penn are respectively 45 and 47 years old. According to their Famous Birthday pages, Kim will celebrate her 46th birthday later this month, while Penn will turn 48 in October.

In celebration of Penn’s birthday in October 2021, Kim shared a sweet tribute to her other half as she listed some fun facts about him:

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Oldest couple to win The Amazing Race

Kim and Penn’s combined age is 92, with the couple dubbed the oldest winners of the competition. Raquel and Cayla, who placed second, had a combined age of 61, while third-place contestants Ryan and Dusty’s ages together totalled 75.

According to Gold Derby, the Holderness couple took over the title from season 5 winners Chip and Kim McAllister, who held the title of the oldest contestants until the Holderness duo.

Ahead of the season finale on Wednesday (2 March), the couple opened up on their experience in a post to their 718,000 followers on Instagram as they reflected on being the “oldest team.”

They wrote: “We were the oldest team (combined age) on this season and, whew, there were times we felt it. This experience has changed us. It catapulted us out of our comfort zone, it took us out of our ‘bubble’ and introduced us to friends we now consider family.”

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Get to know the internet personalities

Away from their winning stint on The Amazing Race, Kim and Penn are best known for their YouTube channel, The Holderness Family.

During the Christmas festivities in 2013, the family uploaded a video singing and dancing in their matching Xmas jammies. It soon went viral and almost a decade on has more than 18 million views.

Following the video’s success, the family continued making music and parody-style videos and, almost a decade on, they have 744,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Before breaking into the world of social media, Kim and Penn Holderness both worked in the TV news industry. Kim was a correspondent for Inside Edition, while Penn is a former ESPN reporter.

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