What is Kharonite from Archive 81? Is it a real gemstone?

Olivia Olphin January 17, 2022
What is Kharonite from Archive 81? Is it a real gemstone?

Netflix’s Archive 81 has become a surprise hit, with viewers loving the dark twists and turns of the series. However, many fans are wondering – what is Kharonite from Archive 81? We take a closer look at this unique material and break down its significance in the show.

Warning spoilers ahead!

New Netflix show Archive 81 is a big hit with viewers

Archive 81 is a horror/thriller series that follows an archivist, Dan, as he pieces together an investigation into a dangerous cult through old tapes. He is hired by a mysterious industrialist to restore these tapes, but he becomes obsessed with the woman inside them, grad student Melody Pendras.

The show blends together two different timelines, and also includes an otherworldly figure, Kaelego, who haunts the edges of every frame.

Celebrated horror director James Wan is a producer on the show, and fans can’t get enough of the constant twists and turns that leave you on the edge of your seat.

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Archive 81 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Archive 81 | Official Trailer | Netflix

What is Kharonite from Archive 81?

In season 1 of Archive 81 the substance Kharonite pops up in multiple places. Cas and Melody comment on an old picture with a pendant made of the gemstone.

There is also a deity called Kaelego in the show. He is both a god and a demon, and is incredibly powerful. In the show we see a sculpture of Kaelego, which is also made out of Kharonite.

Kharonite is a gemstone that was part of a comet, called Kharon, that crashed into earth millions of years ago. Kharon, or Charon, is also the name of Hades’ ferryman who transports dead souls across the river Styx in greek mythology.

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This comet returns to the orbit of earth about every 70 years, and it was believed that this appearance signalled a bringing together of earth and other realms. This enabled Kaelego to enter earth’s domain and to attempt to create the world in his own image. He spread through our world in the form of a hallucinogenic mould.

However, during the 14th Century he was trapped in this sculpture by the Baldung Coven of witches.

Kharonite is not a real gemstone or rock, and as far as we know there is no Comet Kharon that orbits near the earth. At least this means Kaelego is not in our world!

Fans go crazy for the series’ constant twists and turns

Archive 81 has become a surprise hit on Netflix. Many fans have taken to social media to share their reactions to this tense and thrilling series.

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We can’t wait to see what else the series has in store for us if it returns for a second season!

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