Who is Khalil Kain in FBI? Juice actor guest stars in Unfinished Business

Darcy Rafter December 15, 2021
Who is Khalil Kain in FBI? Juice actor guest stars in Unfinished Business
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FBI featured popular Juice actor Khalil Kain on the episode Unfinished Business this week. As well as the main FBI cast, there are usually weekly guest stars as well – so let’s find out more about Kain who featured as Frank Castlewood in the latest episode.

FBI just had to include some outstanding guest stars to prepare for its final episode before the hiatus. Several new faces popped up in the latest episode so let’s find out who featured in the dramatic episode.

Episode 9 of FBI season 4 aired yesterday (14 December 2021) at 8pm. Entitled Unfinished Business, the episode sees Rina critically wounded as she ventures out to work with Jubal.

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Who is Khalil Kain

Khalil Kain was born on 22 November 1964 in Harlem, New York City, meaning he is 57 years old. Kain is an American actor, film producer and rapper who you may know better as Raheem Porter from 1992 thriller Juice.

He also played the second Darnell Wilkes on sitcom Girlfriends, featuring on the show for more than seven years. These aren’t the only genres he has appeared in. Kain has also delved into the horror category, playing Patrick Peet in 2001 horror Bone.

He attended Professional Children’s School and later joined Hunter College High School in New York. His family then moved to California, where he joined Foothill High School before graduating in 1983. Before moving back to his home city, Kain went to New York University where he completed a major in film.

Khalil’s mother is June Kain and he is the adopted son of Gylan Kain. He has two siblings – Amber and Maino. Khalil married Elise Lyon on 6 April 2011 and the couple have two children, Noe Joe and Luka. The family lives in his home town of New York City.

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Juice actor guest stars in Unfinished Business

***spoiler alert***

Khalil Kain stars as Frank Castlewood in the FBI episode entitled Unfinished Business.

The series follows an FBI team who set out to investigate who wants Rina dead. With their extensive skills, they discover Vargas is the main culprit and planned the shooting from behind bars. However, they want to know who the perpetrator is and, even though Jubal is told to sit out this case, he is determined to take on the mission.

Jubal discovers the perpetrator is Frank Castlewood (played by Khalil Kain), an ex-con man. Frank is brought in for questioning and the interrogation reveals he had been hired to carry out the shooting. Because Jubal is dating Rina, Isobel Castile asks him to quit the case.

They trace Castlewood’s movements and discover he had met with another ex-con, Winters, who he met in prison. The FBI team then trace Winters’ steps and discover his connection to Frank and thus Vargas.

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