Death To 2020 Kathy Flowers actress revealed: Who plays the “Regular soccer mom” in the new Netflix mockumentary?

Would you want to relive 2020? For a year so wild, of course a mockumentary has been dreamt up. Death To 2020 was created by the writers of Black Mirror and released on Netflix on December 27, featuring some pretty wacky characters.

What actress plays Kathy Flowers in Death To 2020?

Kathy Flowers is described as a “regular soccer mom” who got into conspiracy theories throughout the year due to her social media feeds. Because of course she did.

We’re told she initially relied on Dr Anthony Fauci‘s regular televised addresses for her coronavirus updates, but – in her own words – “that was before I knew he was an actor.”

Her character also displays some real classic Karen (oh, sorry…Kathy) moments throughout.

The actress who plays Kathy Flowers is Cristin Milioti. She is best known for playing the elusive, titular mother in How I Met Your Mother but has also featured in The Wolf Of Wall Street, the second season of Fargo, and the Tony award-winning musical Once.

Milioti also previously stared in the Black Mirror season four episode USS Callister.

What is Death To 2020 about?

As the title would suggest, Death To 2020 provides a breakdown of all the mad events of this past year.

The mockumentary has even been described by some as a real-life episode of Black Mirror.

The show is packed full of famous faces, including Samuel L. Jackson (playing newspaper reporter Dash Bracket), Hugh Grant (historian Tennyson Foss), Lisa Kudrow (as Trump staffer Jeanetta Grace Susan), and Tracey Ullman (as, er…the Queen).

The show has received mixed reviews, however, with some saying the main sense of humour lies only in pseudonyms given to characters.

But after the year we’ve all had, I think it’s safe to say we all deserve a laugh. Why not give Death To 2020 a watch and see what all the fuss is about?

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