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Fans worry Kathleen Munroe's leaving FBI after shock reveal in s4 ep11

Yasmine Leung January 12, 2022
Fans worry Kathleen Munroe's leaving FBI after shock reveal in s4 ep11
Photo by David M. Russell/CBS via Getty Images


The penultimate episode of FBI season 4 aired last night (11 January 2022) and after the shocking news was revealed at the start, fans are wondering if Kathleen Munroe is leaving her role as ADIC Rina Trenholm.

*Please note there will be some spoilers ahead*

Kathleen Munroe joined the cast of FBI in 2020 as a special agent in charge (SAC) during episode 2 of season 3. Now, she’s upped her appearances to recurring last year after promoting to assistant director in charge (ADIC).

Avid viewers, however, are concerned that season 4 will be her last given her character’s plotline in the newest episode.

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What happened to Rina Trenholm?

The show opens with assistant special agent in change (ASAC) Jubal Valentine (Jeremy Sisto), checking up on girlfriend Rina.

She has remained in critical condition after an attempted assassination on the way to work in episode 9. Her health declined when she suffered from a brain haemorrhage, while Jubal and the team discovered that Antonio Vargas (David Zayas) was the man who orchestrated the assassination.

Her parents discontinued Rina’s life support a week earlier than expected since they had “medical power of attorney”. The devastating news was delivered by Susan Blanchard, the patient affairs coordinator, leaving fans feeling sympathetic for Jubal.

“But her father and I knew that that’s what she would’ve wanted, so there was no point delaying it”, explains Rina’s mother.

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No one’s sure if Kathleen Munroe is leaving FBI

Both FBI’s social accounts and the Canadian actress have not yet commented on the stream of “why is Rina gone?” questions.

Munroe’s IMDB, however, does not list any more FBI credits passed her last appearance on episode 9, titled Unfinished Business.

With this in mind, it seems highly likely that she won’t be popping up this season, besides the fact that there’s only one episode left.

We do recommend keeping updated with her socials to see if she breaks her silence.

The Focus have reached out to Munroe and are currently waiting a response.

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