Did Shameless remove Kassidi's death scene? Fans ask what happened

Darcy Rafter November 1, 2021
Did Shameless remove Kassidi’s death scene? Fans ask what happened
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Fans have become irate that Shameless has seemingly removed Kassidi’s death scene. Let’s discover what really happened at the military base.

The show has been one of the most popular to have ever aired on Showtime, but it sadly came to an end with season 11 being considered as the final episode.

Whilst we sit here with our fingers crossed that there will be a spin-off season 12 created. We are also wondering what actually happened to Kassidi and why it was never properly touched on.

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Kassidi’s role in Shameless

Kassidi Gallagher was a recurring character who was brought onto the show during the eighth season of Shameless. She played the love interest of Carl Gallagher and the pair soon married.

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However, their marriage is not legally binding because they are so young; hilariously Carl bought her a promise ring which she mistakes as him proposing to her. Therefore, he impulsively decides to marry her and Kassidi wants to get married as soon as possible.

The couple pretends they are old enough to marry and they get married at the courthouse. When Kassidi discovers Carl is going back to military school she handcuffs him to his bed until he falls asleep.

Carl escapes and leaves for military school as Kassidi is yelling for him running after the bus. Kassidi appeared briefly in Season 9 but was presumed to have been killed by one of Carl’s subordinates at military school.

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How did Kassidi die?

Kassidi followed Carl to military school and suddenly decides to support him even dressing up as a cheerleader. Embarrassed by her actions, Carl complains about her to a cadet.

The cadet later tells Carl that he handled the situation and “the body won’t be found.” This implies that he killed Kassidi.

When Carl went to look for Kassidi she was nowhere to be found and he started to get worried. Therefore Kassidi is presumably dead and was murdered by Dave Huntington.

Fans think Shameless removed Kassidi’s death scene

In Season 8, she said an interesting comment implying that she would die without Carl. It turns out she did in fact die without Carl being around when she is killed in Season 9.

A deleted scene is thought to have confirmed Kassidi”s death. In the scene, the cadet is shown sneaking up on her whilst she is reading and then putting a bag over her head. He then dragged her body into an empty grave and buried her.

Surprisingly, Shameless didn’t address Kassidi’s death later on in the season. It is unknown as to why it was decided to delete the scene as fans thought it made so much more sense.

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