DIY a Karl Havoc ‘I Think You Should Leave’ costume this Halloween

Darcy Rafter October 21, 2021
DIY a Karl Havoc ‘I Think You Should Leave’ costume this Halloween

Struggling with a Halloween outfit and don’t want to spend a fortune buying one? Why not DIY your own Karl Havoc costume from the classic sketch comedy ‘I Think You Should Leave.’

Karl touched fans’ hearts and now people are looking for Karl and other Halloween costumes inspired by the show.

As the show made such a big splash this year many are re-watching it for costume inspo, so let’s discover how to DIY one yourself.

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson Season 2 | Official Trailer

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson Season 2 | Official Trailer

Who is Karl Havoc from ‘I Think You Should Leave’?

Karl Havoc appears in a sketch on season 2 of I Think You Should leave.

He is a character created for a fake series Everything is Upside Down, who is instructed by his producers to travel to a mall and start causing havoc.

He has to wear the most hilarious costume and his eyes are only visible through the mask. Karl absolutely hates the costume, mainly because he can’t breathe in the costume he’s been given…We certainly don’t want that problem for your DIY mask!

DIY a Karl Havoc Halloween costume

First of all, nip to the charity shop or find an old red shirt from your dad’s wardrobe to use for the top. You then might want to raid your grandad’s wardrobe to find a knit sleeveless cardigan with a funky, outdated and quite frankly disgusting pattern across it.

Next throw on some slouchy suit trousers, stuff some clothes or pillows on around your body and you’re good to go. For shoes, you can easily just wear some plain black trainers.

The face is where it gets tricky, but it must be aced to complete the look. If you want to wear a mask just like in the comedy sketch then you can order one from Amazon for only £15 which looks just like Karl’s. Or instead, you can draw some wrinkles on your face and some prominent eyebrows.

The hair is possibly one of the most iconic parts of the look. Firstly you’re going to need some white spray-on hair dye or even a wig. If you have long hair it would look great if you did Karls quiff. To do this, pull the hair to the front of your head then fold it back over itself and twist the ends. Now secure it in place with a hair pin or clip.

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