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DOOL star Judi Evans admits co-star 'knocked her out cold' during mistake on set

Darcy Rafter May 24, 2022
Days of our Lives - Season 2021
Photo by: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Days Of Our Lives star Judi Evans (Bonnie) asked her Instagram followers over the weekend, “Who wants some behind-the-scenes stories?” A resounding yes sounded from her 3,000 followers as the actor which lead the actor to reveal that her co-star ‘knocked her out cold’ in a fight sequence on Another World.

The Emmy winner continued with her Instagram throwback photos and has shared some insights into the stories behind the snaps. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting things that Judi Evans has experienced throughout her career.

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Photo by: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

DOOL star Judi Evans admits co-star ‘knocked her out cold’

In her recent Instagram post, Judi shared: “#FunFactFriday Who wants some behind the scenes stories?! Here’s one from #AnotherWorld. ” The video shows Tom getting into a scrap with Jamie and punching him, but Judi recalls the real story behind a previous take.

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In the post she explains that on the first take, Tom accidentally “clocked her” and hit her, knocking her out cold on the floor. You’ll notice that in the actual take that aired she jumps back extra far when Tom is about to confront Jamie, as she didn’t want another KO! Tom felt awful for accidentally clipping Judi and when she woke up, he was crying over her. Evans reminds followers that “it was a total accident!” as the “blocking was a little tight on that Brooklyn set.”

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Judi shares throwback snaps to Instagram

On another Instagram post, Evans shared a snap from 1984 with her fellow co-star Vincent Irizarry. The couple played Beth and Lujack on Guiding Light and were firm fan favourites. The actor explained that the story behind her picture was that she was actually very sick throughout the whole shoot. She shared that Vincent was very attentive and helped her get through it. The following day she still felt poorly and after going to the doctor she discovered it was a bleeding ulcer.

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The last throwback post shared by Judi was a heartwarming video in honour of her friend, Mary Beth Evans. Mary was celebrating 36 years of her DOOL character, Kayla Johnson.

“I could have written these words myself ❤️” Judi captioned the video, which displays a scene between both their characters. Bonnie thanks Kayla for welcoming her into Salem and being so “kind and caring.” Judi mirrors these words and calls Mary her “first friend on #Days and the loving sister I always wanted.”

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