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Joseph Quinn makes Spotify private as fans discover his 'Eddie' playlist

Eve Edwards July 3, 2022
STRANGER THINGS. Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in STRANGER THINGS.


A music lover just like his Stranger Things character, Joseph Quinn’s Spotify playlists have been found by hordes of fans – but Quinn wants his privacy to be respected.

It’s undeniable that Joseph Quinn, the actor portraying Eddie Munson in Stranger Things 4, is the season’s standout star. Quickly becoming the fandom’s new favourite, Joseph Quinn has roped in millions of followers after appearing in the fourth season of The Duffer Brothers’ hit show.

But sometimes lines need to be drawn between celebrities and their fans. Such a line has been drawn by Joseph Quinn after thousands of his fans descended on his Spotify account.

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Joseph Quinn is a music lover just like Eddie Munson

If you’ve seen Stranger Things 4, then you’ll surely know about Eddie Munson’s love for music. The Hellfire Club leader invites Chrissy to one of his gigs during their first interaction; he also repeatedly speaks about his love for his electric guitar. And who could forget Eddie’s epic guitar performance in the finale episode?

Just like his character, Joseph Quinn is also a music lover. While he doesn’t play the guitar as well as Eddie in real life, he has a music taste that Eddie Munson would definitely approve of.

This did not go missed by the Stranger Things fandom, who discovered Joseph Quinn’s real Spotify account and the hundreds of playlists he has made over the years.

Joseph Quinn makes his Spotify playlists private after they go viral

At the start of June, shortly after the premiere of Stranger Things 4, some new members of the Joseph Quinn fan club discovered the actor’s Spotify account. News of his Spotify quickly spread thanks to TikTok and Twitter, and Quinn racked up thousands of followers on the music platform.

In response, Quinn made his Spotify playlists private. But that didn’t halt news of playlists rippling through his fanbase.

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Stranger Things fandom discusses the need for privacy

After Joseph Quinn made his Spotify account private, many fans discussed how some of his fanbase were inappropriately crossing boundaries and not respecting the actor.

One fan tweeted in support of Joseph Quinn: “People are still sharing Joseph Quinn’s Spotify playlists even after he made them private. Just because he’s a celebrity that doesn’t mean he has to share every single detail about his life. He’s a person like us with a private life. Respect that.”

Another added: “There are nice people and respected ones in this Joseph Quinn Fandom, we don’t want him to think we’re crazy dangerous, I don’t know how you can sleep at night after posting his personal address or Spotify like it’s not right.”

Other fans are frustrated they came too late and could not see Joseph Quinn’s Spotify for themselves.

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A look at the ‘Eddie’ playlist on Spotify

While there were hundreds of playlists to discuss on Joseph Quinn’s Spotify, the most talked-about playlist was undoubtedly the one Quinn made for his character, Eddie Munson.

Titled ‘Eddie’, the playlist had over 8,000 likes as of mid-June.

Some of the notable songs featured on the ‘Eddie’ playlist includes:

  • Holy Diver – Dio
  • Marian – Sisters of Mercy
  • Heartland (David ‘Kid’ Jensen Sessions) – Sisters of Mercy
  • Breaking the Law – Judas Priest
  • Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin
  • Third Uncle – Bauhaus
  • Reducer- Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
  • Shockmaster – Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
  • Too Real – Fontaines D.C.
  • Metropolis – Motorhead
  • Love Me Forever – Motorhead
  • Over the Top – Motorhead
  • Orgasmatron – Motorhead
  • Ace of Spades – Motorhead

Fans have made duplicate playlists of Joseph Quinn’s ‘Eddie’ after it was made private on Spotify.

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