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Jordi Vilasuso talks seeking therapy and wife wanting a divorce on State Of Mind

Darcy Rafter June 29, 2022
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Jordi Vilasuso portrayed Rey Rosales on The Young And The Restless but, after four years galavanting in Genoa City, Vilasuso has officially left his role. Maurice Benard thought it was about time to get him on State Of Mind.

Maurice Benard’s two-year YouTube journey with his State Of Mind podcast has seen a host of soap stars appear along with Benard’s family and friends. The General Hospital star shares personal stories and encourages other celebrities to bravely open up about their mental health.

Vilasuso delved into his early upbringing, idols, roles on Guiding Light and All My Children, being vulnerable, dealing with anger, his daughters, media, school curriculum, yoga, and how he stays grounded.

Phew! That’s a lot! If you don’t have time to listen through all the podcasts don’t worry, The Focus has picked out the best bits.

Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Jordi Vilasuso talks to Maurice Benard

State Of Mind host Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) starts off by asking about Jordi’s upbringing. He is Cuban-American, raised in Miami, Florida, and knew he wanted to be an actor as a child, even with a family full of doctors.

The actor opened up about his family life: “My dad is a Cuban exile. So is my mom. There’s a strong Cuban community down there [Miami]. He’s a doctor. My dad’s dad was a doctor in Cuba. My dad’s brothers were doctors.”

Vilasuso’s dream of acting was supported wholeheartedly by his father. “I started acting at the age of 11,” he explained. “I knew it from the get go.

“I really wanted to do it. He [dad] was the most supportive. My mom was scared. My grandparents were scared. They didn’t know. But my dad was open. He said, ‘Go for it.’ When they saw me do a play in high school – they had just opened a drama club at my Catholic grade school – I got the lead.”

Vilasuso’s career journey

Maurice Benard then started asking questions about Vilasuso’s roles as Tony Santos on Guiding Light, Griffin Castillo on All My Children and Dario Hernandez on Days Of Our Lives. Vilasuso revealed he moved to a different city at a young age. “My training was really Guiding Light,” he explained. “I moved to New York when I was 19 and started there.”

However, the actor remembered getting caught up in the NYC lifestyle. “I was going out. People were inviting me out to go to the clubs. I remember one day I had not shown up at my best, with my best attitude or my best work ethic.

“I was told, ‘You’re good, but remember what you are doing here and know your lines when you come to the set.’ And when I got that little kick in the booty, I was like, ‘All right.’ And from that point on I really came to work ready to go.”

The actor recently scored a Daytime Emmy nomination just weeks after his character died in a horrific car accident. However, he fondly remembers when he “won an Emmy (for Outstanding Younger Actor) in 2003.

He said: “That was fun. My parents all bought tickets for everyone. My grandfather came out. It was beautiful. He used to record all my shows on VHS. I have these decks of tapes of the shows with tapes, tapes, tapes with the dates. He was very diligent about putting all the dates of the shows.”

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Jordi Vilassuso talks meeting his wife and her wanting a divorce

Vilasuso then shared the story about how he met his wife, Kaitlyn Riley. “So, my wife used to watch me on Guiding Light. She grew up in a CBS family. They used to watch all the soaps on CBS, As the World Turns, Guiding Light.”

When he started on the show, Kaitlyn was an actor in Fort Lauderdale and he was in Miami but they were under the same manager, Margorie Morhaim.

Kailey had just filmed Monster and Morhaim asked Kailey: “Do you want to meet Jordi?” Jordi was 22 and she was 17. The young couple first met at the Broadway Deli on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles and “Right away I knew,” he exclaimed. “It’s crazy but I did.”

However, Kailey went away to college and nearly four years passed. Vilasuso was about to get engaged but, when Kailey sent him a Facebook message, Jordi ended his relationship and asked Kailey to live with him.

Jordi Vilassuso reveals they went to couples therapy

However, as a young couple problems seemed to be coming up that needed to be sorted. “I remember we were sitting in our house. We were living in Florida at the time. I was shooting All My Children and they tried to do like a Hulu thing. We had our four-month-old, Riley, sitting on her lap, and she said, ‘We should get divorced.’”

Jordi immediately started looking for therapists and decided they should seek couples counselling.

The actor reminisced on their first session. “The first thing she said to us was, ‘Do you have love for each other?’ And we looked at each other and said, ‘Yeah.’ And she said, ‘Don’t forget that you guys are lovers and friends.’” This helped them get in the right mindset and they made their daughter, Riley, a reason to make things work.

Jordi and Kaitlin have come on leaps and bounds and now have a podcast entitled Making It Work in which they are candid about the lessons they’ve learned from their own relationship and give advice.

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