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GH’s Jophielle Love talks circus past and America’s Got Talent dreams on Maurice Benard’s SOM

Darcy Rafter May 25, 2022
ABC's "General Hospital" - 2020
Todd Wawrychuk via Getty Images

GH’s Maurice Benard’s castmate Jophielle Love was invited to be his mystery guest on his video podcast, State Of Mind. Even if you may think they are an odd pairing on camera, with a mafia lord and an innocent little girl; the duo were fantastic together on SOM.

They recently shared a scene together for the first time, but off-camera Benard (Sonny Corinthos) and Jophielle Love (Violet Finn) also enjoy chatting away. Love has recently turned eight years old, which may surprise you as she is mature beyond her years. Let’s dive into her interview with co-star Maurice Benard.

Rather than talk about deep topics as Benard usually dives into, this episode is a lot more lighthearted as Jophielle Love (who’s played Finn’s daughter Violet since 2019) takes the hot seat.

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GH’s Jophielle Love joins Maurice Benard on State Of Mind

Her parents are stunt woman Karine Mauffrey and high wire performer Jade Kindar-Martin who worked in Cirque du Soliel. Jo Jo was made for the stage and started joining in with the fun at the age of 3. Following this she took up acting at 5 years old, not to forget singing, songwriting and dancing too.

The duo started out their conversation talking about their first time working together, to which Benard thought to himself ‘Wow! Now, this is an actress.’” His young co-star spoke about what her first thoughts of him were after their scene: “I thought it was my first time working with you and after that, I just saw how good of a person you were. I felt pretty great because it was like meeting a new friend.

However, General Hospital was not her first time on screen, Love’s first acting role was a guest appearance on Grey’s Anatomy at 5 years old. Love doesn’t remember much about auditioning for the character of Clervie, “I don’t remember much about it [the audition] because it was a long time ago. It was like three years ago.” Although she does remember having to wear a bald cap as she played a young girl with a rare heart disease. She hopped from one hospital bed to another as Grey’s Anatomy and GH both shoot in the same location.

GH’s Jophielle Love talks circus past and America’s Got Talent dreams

Benard asked about Love’s upbringing, which gave fans a great insight into her life; “I grew up doing Cirque du Soleil because I was doing it since I was a baby,” she explained. “I used to go on my dad’s shoulders and do crazy tricks. And when I was old enough, I would stand on his hand without slipping. He didn’t hold me. I was just there. And that was the first time that I ever did that trick.”

Her father even made an appearance on America’s Got Talent showing off his circus tricks and Jo Jo explained that she would love to follow in his footsteps. However, the young actor says she would want to feature on the show for her singing or dancing skills instead.

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