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Johnny Bravo ‘cancelled’ rumours: Is it time to say ‘adios’?

Bruno Cooke March 10, 2021
johnny bravo cancelled

Is it time to say “adios” to Johnny Bravo? Twitter rumours and theories are circulating about Johnny Bravo being cancelled, following Pepe Le Pew’s removal from Space Jam 2.

Will Johnny Bravo be ‘cancelled’?

Twitter users seem sure that Johnny Bravo will be the next cartoon to feel the wrath of so-called “cancel culture”.

The predictions follow conversations about the cultural status of Pepe Le Pew and Dumbo, and the de-gendering of (formerly Mr) Potato Head.

The Twitter commentariat seem to think that Johnny Bravo may be “cancelled” next.

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Meanwhile, other Twitter users lament the way “mad people wanna go after cartoons”.

However, there are also those who reckon that, as a logical next step, perhaps Johnny Bravo should receive the same treatment as Pepe.

Why cancel Johnny Bravo?

Public attitudes towards popular culture are changing. 

Much of the discomfort surrounding Pepe Le Pew focuses on the character’s attitudes towards sex.

New York Times writer Charles Blow drew attention to Pepe’s predatory behaviour in a Twitter post that has picked up nearly 9K likes since it was first posted on 6 March.

Blow highlights, among other things, the fact that Pepe “locks a door to prevent [his victim] from escaping.”

Dave Chapelle said the same thing, in a very different way, in April last year.

So how does Johnny Bravo compare with Pepe Le Pew? Bravo is comparably conceited and dimwitted, although he is less overtly forceful and aggressive in his advances.

Nevertheless, episodes typically revolve around Bravo trying – and failing – to woo women and often behaving in ways people today might deem creepy. Hence, the connection with Pepe Le Pew.

However, there is no evidence yet of serious, management-level conversations about getting Johnny Bravo “cancelled”.

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