John McCook teases B&B fans over 'big resolutions' on the show

Darcy Rafter May 17, 2022
John McCook teases B&B fans over 'big resolutions' on the show
Photo by Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

John McCook, who portrays Eric Forrester in The Bold And The Beautiful, has admitted in a revealing Instagram video his current storyline will soon reach a “big resolution” – leaving fans desperate to know more.

It has been a week since the Emmy nominations in which McCook received a Daytime Emmy nomination in the outstanding lead actor category. It seems fans were able to overlook mixed opinions on the controversial storyline in favour of John McCook’s brilliant acting.

Let’s see how McCook has teased B&B fans about the storyline in his latest Instagram video.

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Photo by Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

John McCook teases B&B fans about ‘big resolutions’

When The Bold And The Beautiful leading man John McCook sat down in his dressing room recently to send a video message to his fans. most of the video consisted of him sharing his gratitude for how well his current storyline is going despite the controversy.

“I want to say how happy I am at work these days,” McCook starts the video. “Great storyline… big stuff. This Eric and Quinn love story has been going on for a long time.”

The daytime soap veteran also revealed a sneak preview concerning what’s to come for not only Eric but his wife Quinn and their bizarre love triangle. Donna and Carter are past flames that won’t extinguish and their meddling has caused quite the stir among fans.

Many are angry Eric took Quinn back after she cheated on him with Carter. What’s even more shocking is Eric has given her permission to see Carter again as the main Forrester man just can’t seem to satisfy her needs.

However, from what McCook has said it appears this storyline is about to come to a conclusion. McCook reassured fans the relationship would reach a resolution but also teased there were more “big resolutions coming up”. McCook continued: “It’s good for everybody, it’s good for the show and really fun to be here working so much and so hard.”

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John McCook shares gratitude towards family and fans

The Emmy nominee noted: “It’s hard to be humble around here because we all love each other so much.” He explained that when something good happened to a member of the production, everybody was quick to congratulate and share their support.

McCook continued to list a bunch of things he is grateful for and reflected on his legacy as an original cast member. “I’m so grateful to be here for 35 years in the same (dressing) room, grateful to have this job, grateful to be my age and still be working at a job I love.”

McCook’s face lit up when he mentioned his wife, who he calls his “sweet Laurette”. They have been married for 42 years. He gushes about how well she takes care of him, Jackson and Jake as their little family. After talking about their dog, he hilariously notes Laurette doesn’t really care about the cats.

Comments immediately flooded in with John’s daughter Molly McCook penning: “Coolest dad. Coolest job. Coolest guy.” Hollywood actor Denise Richards wrote: “I miss you Johnny!!!”

What do you think the “big resolutions” could be for the B&B storyline?

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