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Who is Jeff Palm? Meet the husband of Everything's Fine writer Sarah Cooper

Iram Sharifah Khan October 29, 2020
Who is Jeff Palm? Meet the husband of Everything's Fine writer Sarah Cooper
Photo by DNCC via Getty Images

Who is Jeff Palm? Writer Sarah Cooper’s husband has found himself in the spotlight after his wife’s Netflix special, Everything’s Fine, premiered on 27 October. Here’s everything we know after the mysterious Jeff Palm – you’re welcome.

Who is Jeff Palm and what does he do?

Jeff Palm is a Google Staff Software Engineer, according to his LinkedIn profile. He started his career at Parc as a software engineer and went on to work for other big name companies such as: IBM, Limewire, Audible and Nasa.

Palm graduated from University of Florida in 2000, with a Bachelor of Science in computer engineering. He then went on to gain a master’s degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a PhD at Northeastern University, both in computer science.

He has a Floto account, where he showcases his photography which mainly consists of nature shots and portraits, especially of his wife and family. From his bio we learn that Palm”grew up New Orleans, [lives] in Brooklyn, [plays] guitar and [works] on Experiments at Google.”

How Sarah Cooper shot to TikTok fame

Sarah Cooper shot to online fame for her TikTok videos in which she does an uncanny, lip-sync, impersonation of president Donald Trump. The popularity of these videos eventually led to her getting her own Netflix show, Everything’s Fine, released earlier this week on 27 October.

According to The Guardian, Everything’s Fine is “a faux morning news broadcast spliced with a psycho-absurdist trepan into the overheated mind of 2020 America.” Names such as Whoopi Goldberg, Aubrey Plaza, Maya Rudolph and Ben Stiller appear on the show.

How did Sarah Cooper and husband Jeff Palm meet?

Jeff and Sarah met while working together at Google. They have been together for 7 years, and married for the past 5.

They got married at La Concha Resort in Puerto Rico in 2015.

The couple live in the New York city Metropolitan Area together with their dog, Stella.

Jeff Palm and Sarah Cooper are a dynamic duo to look out for, as Sarah jokes about their relationship:

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