Is that Jane Lynch in Only Murders In The Building? A-list cameo spotted

Yasmine Leung October 12, 2021
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Jane Lynch is the latest actress to appear in Only Murders In The Building, following a number of other A-list celebs. What role does she play in the investigation of the crime?

*Warning: Episode 9 spoilers*

Spotted: Jane Lynch in Only Murders In The Building

Episode 9 of Hulu’s Only Murders In The Building premiered on 12 October 2021, where fans were surprised with an appearance by Jane Lynch.

Starring Steve Martin, Selena Gomez and Martin Short, the true-crime trio continue to uncover the truth of Tim Kono’s mysterious murder.

Lynch, of Glee fame, cameos as Charles stunt double; with their matching coat and hat, we had to do a double-take when she appeared on the screen.

Twitter followers of Martin would’ve seen her appearance coming, since he uploaded a photo of them during filming in March 2021.

Her role comes as no surprise since the series is known for their random celeb cameos – Tina Fey and Sting are some of the names that have cropped up previously.

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Only Murders In The Building episode 9 recap

Oliver, Charles, and Mabel have landed themselves in quite a predicament after their theory that Teddy and Theo Dimas were the murderers was debunked. Up against the entire Arconia building, the trio are facing eviction since the neighbours can no longer tolerate their detective antics.

With this pressure, the only option is to sniff out the real killer fast. However, their friendship is strained as Charles now priorities Jan, particularly after she got stabbed, and he refuses to continue with the podcast.

He gets a blast from the past when his old stunt double, Sazz, visits him and she unleashes some of her knowledge onto the case. She claims that Tim’s murder was romantically-charged, leading them to discover a bassoon cleaner among his sex toys – you already know that all fingers are pointing to Jan at this point.

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Narcos: Mexico | Season 3 Trailer | Netflix

Narcos: Mexico | Season 3 Trailer | Netflix

Fans label Jane Lynch’s feature as “amazing”

News that Lynch was going to be in the cast hyped fans up for the series and now that she’s finally on our small screens, there are only praises in the building.

The Hulu programme is probably the show with the most amount of cameos, ranging from comedic geniuses like Tina Fey and Roy Wood Jr, to Tony-winning stars such as Adriane Lenox.

Redditors have labelled the episode as “the funniest episode of TV I’ve ever seen” and, commended Lynch’s performance: “The gags with Jane Lynch were pure comedy gold…”

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