Netflix is ringing in the spooky season early this year with the release of supernatural thriller season The Girl in the Mirror.

This summer has been filled with all things sinister and supernatural. We’ve seen the likes of Stranger Things and The Sandman dominate our screens over the sunny months. Now, two months away from Halloween, we have another supernatural thriller on our hands: The Girl in the Mirror.

The Spanish thriller series follows Alma, a young girl who loses her memory in a bizarre accident that kills most of her classmates. With a startling premise comes even more spooky revelations as the series delves into the world of demonology.

***SPOILER WARNING*** Details of The Girl in the Mirror are to be discussed throughout this piece.

The Girl in the Mirror | Official Trailer

The Girl in the Mirror | Official Trailer

The Girl in the Mirror introduces audience to the demon Therion

The plot of The Girl in the Mirror centres on an accident in which the students’ bus drops off a cliff. This leaves some of the students dead and others forever scarred, physically and mentally. But one student, Martin Monteagudo, goes missing.

Diana, Martin’s sister, is the one to bring the supernatural into consideration with all these suspicious events. Diana tells Bruno during their search for Martin that her family has a book that prophesied the reincarnation of a demon called Therion.

This becomes one of the central plot points of The Girl in the Mirror season 1. As Diana becomes fixated on understanding Therion, we become increasingly aware that this demon could be up to no good.

Bruno’s grandfather develops the story of Therion

While Diana introduces the audience to Therion, it is Bruno’s grandfather, Efren, who develops his tale. Efren narrates the story of Therion and his Five Shadows, or servants.

Efren reveals that the mountains of the Asturias, where the students were taking their fatal trip, have long served as a hiding place for Therion. Therion and his Five Shadows lived in the Asturias since prehistoric times.

To summon Therion, one has to gather five carvings representing his spirit animals. Therion would then inhabit a vessel to enter the human world. These vessels would be obtained by his servants, preying upon humans in between life and death. As we uncover in the series, the bus accident was no tragedy but all part of the prophecy that would bring back Therion.

As per the prophecy, Martin was the one who was destined to be occupied by Therion, given that he belonged to a bloodline who had long fallen victim to the demon.

Javier Morgade as Martin flicks through ancient book with Maria Caballero as Diana by his side seen in The Girl in the Mirror
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Does the demon have any parallels with real mythology?

This series is filled with superstitions and mythological tales, which might have you questioning whether any of it is based on real life.

Therion is not a demon but a major deity featured Aleister Crowley’s The Book of Law (1904). Crowley, a British occultist, created the mystical system of Thelema, which features Therion heavily.

It is reported that Therion is based off of the Beast from the Bible’s Book of Revelation. He is thought to be the parent figure of a number of biblical monsters such as Leviathan, Behemoth, the Beast from the Sea, and the Beast from the Earth.

This is not the first media form to make reference to Therion, as the deity also features in the Playstation game, Tales of Berseria. Therion also features in Crystar.

What this could mean for a potential second season

As of yet, Netflix has not announced whether they have renewed The Girl in the Mirror for season 2. However, the cliffhanger ending has left some wanting more from the supernatural series.

With Martin being sent to Bruno, who is now possessed by one of Therion’s Shadows, it looks like the demon could be headed its way to wreak carnage in a potential second season.

If successful, Bruno could provide Therion with his intended vessel, securing his return to earth.

You can watch The Girl in the Mirror season 1 on Netflix now.

Milena Smit as Nico stares at Mireia Oriol as Alma during scene from The Girl in the Mirror
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