Is The Duchess Season 2 cancelled? Or is Netflix renewing the show?

Kate Fowler September 14, 2020
Is The Duchess Season 2 cancelled? Or is Netflix renewing the show?
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Is The Duchess Season 2 cancelled? Or is Netflix renewing the fan favourite? Which rumours should you believe? Though Katherine Ryan’s debut Netflix series, The Duchess, only premiered on the 11 September, fans are already asking for Season 2.

Netflix has been angering fans a lot recently with cancellation after cancellation but they finally did something right with this new show. The Duchess is Katherine Ryan’s new comedy series which follows the story of a fictional version of Katherine on her quest to give her daughter a sibling in a not-so-conventional way.

The show is seriously addictive and binge-worthy, so it’s no surprise that we’re already anticipating Season 2.

Is The Duchess Season 2 cancelled?

As The Duchess only released recently, Netflix has not renewed it for a second season as of yet. But that’s not to say it won’t, as they of course have to make decisions based on how well received the first series is.

However, show creator and star Katherine Ryan seems optimistic that a second series is coming. She confirmed to that she is already writing it, saying, “I’m writing the second series, anticipating that, hopefully, I will get to do a second series.”

The Duchess Season 1 debuted last week to shining reviews, so it’s looking likely that a Season 2 could be on its way.

What will happen in The Duchess Season 2? Spoilers ahead!

Though *spoilers ahead* we see Katherine giving birth to her second child and ultimately single again at the end of season 1, it seems we will see more of baby daddy Shep in the second series.

In the same Metro interview, Katherine explained her plans for the storyline if Netflix does renew The Duchess for Season 2, saying, “I have lots of narrative ideas for the story in the future. I think us being young women during the girl band/boy band boom, seeing Tru-Se reunited, hopefully watching Shep emboldened by the love of a good woman, do a whole reunion on tour and be on top. I would see Shep on top. I would love to see what happens with that relationship.”

Though we know he’s a bit of a bum (and, ahem, married), we can’t help but hope for a fairy-tale future for Katherine and Shep—an ending Katherine has out right rejected.

“I think a lot of people will have wished for a different ending, maybe a fairy-tale ending, but they’re not going to get it,” she told Digital Spy.

Hit us where it hurts, Katherine.

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