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Is Nina leaving General Hospital? Fans beg for her departure on Twitter

Yasmine Leung September 15, 2021
Is Nina leaving General Hospital? Fans beg for her departure on Twitter
Nick Argo/ABC via Getty Images

The September 15, 2021 episode of General Hospital left viewers on a cliffhanger as Nina gets stuck in a life or death situation, so will the character be staying on the ABC soap?

It’s looks like Nina’s greedy plans are about to blow up in her face, especially after Peter revealed that she lied about knowing ‘Mike’s’ family to Phyllis.

Right now, Nina is stuck in a predicament with Phyllis after Peter has trapped them at Tan-O bar, which was about to go up into flames at the end of the last episode.

So, will someone come and save the pair or is this the demise of Nina?

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Nick Argo/ABC via Getty Images

Is Nina leaving General Hospital?

There has been no news of actress Cynthia Watros’ departure from her role, so we can only assume that Nina will continue her selfish schemes in Nixon Falls.

She was caught in a fire, but since its a soap opera, we expect ‘Mike’ to defeat the flames and save her, so that the storyline can continue with everyone’s reaction to her devilish behaviour.

Nina Reeves was first introduced to General Hospital back in May 2014, portrayed by Emmy-winning actress Michelle Stafford. After five years, she left the show, with Watros filling her position in June 2019.

The character has gone from Silas Clay’s comatose wife, to the editor-in-chief of Crimson Magazine. Recently, she’s been a hated character due her relationship with ‘Mike’ despite her knowledge that he’s got a wife and children back in Port Charles.

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SCHUMACHER | Official Trailer | Netflix

SCHUMACHER | Official Trailer | Netflix

What happened to Nina in the latest episode?

In Nixon Falls, ‘Mike’, who is actually Sonny Corinthos with amnesia, is at the park desperate to find Nina. Jax approaches him and tells him that he hoped to spare her and Phyllis as much pain as possible, so ‘Mike’ tells him to leave town – that’s an expected answer.

However, Jax is surprised at his response since that means that ‘Mike’ still doesn’t know the truth about him and Nina. With his head filled with only her, ‘Mike’ didn’t care what he meant by Jax’s “today is the day”.

Meanwhile, Nina and Phyllis are held up at gunpoint by Peter at Tan-O. He’s so furious that he doesn’t care if Valentin returned with the authorities, because his priority to make sure that the pair never leave the bar again.

Phyllis stays loyal to Nina and refuses to leave her behind, so the duo end up tied to chairs. Her secret gets happily revealed to Phyllis by Peter; he exposes that Nina knew about Sonny’s wife and all his children, but she chose to lie about it.

The final minutes show Peter drenching the bar floor with gasoline around the restricted women and throwing a match into the liquid.

Twitter and Reddit are begging for an end to Nina

The unveiling of Nina’s true character was the moment viewers were all waiting for, and fans on both Reddit and Twitter can’t help but share their relief.

MDBfan on Twitter raved, “I am SO glad this storyline is finally dragging to an end and Nina’s exposed.”

While another complained that it’s Nina that deserves the boot, not the others:

Over on Reddit, there are whole posts dedicated to ranting about Watros’ character.

u/PamphletHamlet21 moaned,

“So no I won’t ever forgive her. She’s incredibly selfish. Someone on Twitter made me realize: not only the Sonny stuff but she also knows Peter is alive. Has she warned Maxie? Nope. Bc she’s selfish. So she’s totally fine with her friend getting hurt or whatever so she can have some mentally tormenting love with Smike. This SL sucks.

One user replied saying that they’re intrigued about how Nina will redeem herself or continue her act, but OP simply wants Nina out of sight, “Honestly I don’t even want the arc. I’m good if she just goes.”

There’s at least three more Reddit posts titled ‘Nina’ with the label ‘rant‘, so you know she’s not doing so hot with the audience.

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