Is Jax leaving General Hospital for good this time?

Darcy Rafter September 9, 2021
Is Jax leaving General Hospital for good this time?
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Jasper “Jax” Jacks has appeared on and off General Hospital for many years but fans are growing concerned he may be leaving General Hospital for good this time.

Jax, played by Ingo Rademacher, first appeared on the show in January 1996. He left the show in 2000 but made a comeback in 2001. He remained as part of General Hospital until 2011.

He has made several guest appearances but in 2019 announced he would be returning “in a big way”. Now, however, it seems people think he could be leaving again.

Is Jax leaving General Hospital?

No, there has been no public confirmation Jax is leaving General Hospital. In fact, Jax left his role playing Thorne Forrester on The Bold And The Beautiful to return to General Hospital.

However, as Jax has been shot, many people think he could be making an exit from the show. There are various other reasons why the rumour is circulating on social media; let’s further explore those.

Timeline of Jax’s character in General Hospital

Jax arrived on the show to help Lois Cerullo get her company back from Edward Quartermaine. Lois introduced Jax to her best friend Brenda and although Brenda was using him to make Sonny jealous at first, the pair eventually fell in love.

Jax started gambling in Monte Carlo and met fashion designer Chloe Morgan. Jax married Chloe’s husband’s friend Alexis but not long after that broke down Jax and Chloe fell for each other.

When Jax saw a photo of someone who looked like Brenda, he was shocked as he was sure she was dead after her mother drove them off a cliff. However mid-search for Brenda he took over ELQ and fell in love with Skye… until Brenda turned up alive and complicated things.

Brenda planned to marry Jax, but he dumped her at the altar after discovering she’d kissed Sonny.

Jax returned to the show in 2003 in search of Dead Man’s Hand, Sam McCall and Jax fell until he found out he wasn’t the father of her baby. Jax fell in love with Sonny’s sister, Courtney, and got married. After using Elizabeth as a surrogate, Courtney became jealous of her and Courtney cheated on Jax.

Time passed and Jax and Carly got together until things fell apart again and Sonny caused Jax’s aircraft to crash, whereby Jax was presumed dead.

After that, Jax returned a couple of times to the show until his big comeback in 2019. He returned to support Josslyn after the death of her boyfriend and Jax also offered to help Nina find her long-lost daughter.

Jax doesn’t seem to have much luck finding a partner and always seems to be caught up in trouble. However, in the most recent episode, Nina bumps into Jax who pushes into the house in hopes of seeing “Mike”. Jax looks disappointed as “Mike” appears and tells him to stay away from Nina.

What’s going on with Ingo Rademacher?

Ingo Rademacher, 50, is an actor who you may recognise from not only General Hospital but also roles in Titans, Hawaii Five-0, and The Bold And The Beautiful.

Ingo has taken on many other ventures aside from acting such as competing on season 16 of Dancing With The Stars with dance partner Kym Johnson.

He is also an entrepreneur and owns an active wear shop in Hawaii. Many fans think he may leave to continue growing his businesses.

Other fans have questioned whether he may leave after receiving backlash for alleged comments about covid-19 vaccines. The hashtag #FireIngo even started trending on social media.

On the other hand, he is growing a beautiful family so many fans think in the future he will want to leave the show to spend more time with his family.

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