Is I Am Greta on Netflix? Where to watch Greta Thunberg documentary

Bruno Cooke November 13, 2020
Is I Am Greta on Netflix? Where to watch Greta Thunberg documentary
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Greta Thunberg’s documentary I Am Greta premiered on 3 September. Now, it’s available to watch online – but where? Is I Am Greta on Netflix? What about Hulu or Amazon Prime?

I Am Greta: mostly positive reviews

The 2020 International co-production premiered at the 77th Venice International Film Festival on 3 September. It is a collaborative project, involving production companies from Sweden, the UK, the US and Germany.

I Am Greta’s critical reception has been very positive. Based on 43 reviews, Rotten Tomatoes currently gives the film a 79% approval rating. Aggregating the scores of 10 critics, Metacritic gives it 63 out of 100.

Explaining the bad reviews

But on IMDB, based on almost 2000 votes, I Am Greta scores just 3.2/10. As the overwhelming majority of the written reviews on IMDB give it 10 stars, the disparity is strange.

Some reviewers have tried to explain the polarisation. As one reviewer comments, “it was to be expected that this documentary would create either haters or lovers and not much in between.”

Another takes a slightly more cynical view, suggesting that there is a concerted effort among Greta’s detractors to bury the film. “For every review of 10* there will be a review of 1* by those who want to maintain the status quo and to drive the planet to dust.”

Is I Am Greta on Netflix? Where to watch it

Those attending Venice Film Festival, Zurich Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival have already had the opportunity to see the film. In addition, it is already available to watch in many cinemas, and will continue to run through late November.

As of now, I Am Greta is viewable online on Hulu, but it doesn’t appear to be on Netflix.

Alternatively, you can watch the documentary on Amazon Prime’s streaming service from 16 November – though not for free. You can also pre-order it to watch on Apple TV on 16 November.

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