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General Hospital's Harmony is struck by a car and this is the person behind the wheel

Darcy Rafter April 29, 2022
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Alexis has found out that Harmony killed Neil, made friends with her and then tried to kill her too, so we knew the latest General Hospital episode would be jam-packed with drama. Harmony Miller’s (Inga Cadranel) quick escape ended in disaster as she got struck by a car after running into the road.

It’s only a matter of time before Harmony takes things to the extreme again, after all, it wouldn’t be the first time Harmony’s killed someone in General Hospital. She will do anything to keep her secret safe that Willow is not her daughter, she doesn’t have long before it all backfires on her.

General Hospital fans haven’t forgotten about the baby Harmony stole, the mother of the baby she kidnapped, killing Neil, or betraying Alexis. She seems to have got away with murder recently, so could getting run over be the end of Harmony Miller?

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Photo by Matt Carr/Getty Images

Harmony gets struck by a car and this is the person behind the wheel

Sasha is the person behind the wheel who has struck Harmony with a car.

Harmony runs out into the middle of the road and Sasha tries to swerve but ends up hitting her. Sasha runs to help the woman she hit before discovering Harmony laying unconscious face down. Gladys calls an ambulance and helps Sasha turn Harmony over. When Sasha realises that it was Harmony that she struck, she looks horrified.

The photographer can’t believe what Sasha has done either but he knows it would make a good headline and starts snapping photos. The photographer tells Sasha that she either has to let him sell the photo or he sells the story of how she ran someone over. Sasha then starts to attack him but Dante shows up and breaks them up.

General Hospital’s Harmony is in danger

Sasha then performs CPR on Harmony as she has stopped breathing, thankfully, she is able to bring her back round to consciousness. Dante tells Gladys to take her to General Hospital and come to the police station the next day. Harmony is brought in on a stretcher and everybody at the hospital is shocked. Even more so when TJ explains that her injuries are critical and she needed to go for an urgent operation.

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