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Is Finn coming back to The Bold And The Beautiful? What we know so far

Shania Wilson May 24, 2022
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After Finn’s sudden exit from The Bold And The Beautiful, fans of the show pleaded with producers for his return… and their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

To refresh your memory, Finn was accidentally shot by his biological mother, Sheila, and viewers were led to believe he’d met his death.

However, in a more recent episode Li is seen attempting to keep Finn alive as he lies unconscious in a hospital bed, hooked up to machinery.

So, is Finn coming back to The Bold And The Beautiful and what has actor Tanner Novlan said about his ‘departure’? Here’s what we know.

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Fans predict Finn’s return on The Bold And The Beautiful

Although fans of the drama series were led to believe Finn had met his end after Sheila shot him, others weren’t so convinced we’d seen the last of him.

Last month, viewers noticed Tanner Novlan, the actor behind Finn, had seemingly posted a script for an upcoming episode of B&B. Given that Finn was supposed to be dead, many thought the post could’ve been a hint for his return.

“All these lines but no stress. Stress, as we all know, comes at us all day, every day,” the actor captioned the photo.

Likewise, a leaked Soap Opera Digest magazine cover started to surface online at the weekend, stirring up more theories surrounding Finn’s comeback. The cover seemingly confirmed Finn wasn’t dead, reading: “Finn’s Alive! Now What?”

With these clues combined, B&B fans predicted Novlan would make a return to the show as Finn. “OMG! Finn’s back, they should have never killed him off,” one person tweeted.

“So glad they’re bringing Finn back on B&B,” another wrote.

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Is Finn coming back to The Bold And The Beautiful?

Count your lucky stars because, as it turns out, Finn is coming back to The Bold And The Beautiful.

As reported by Soaps, we saw Li attempt to keep Finn alive before it’s revealed Finn is in a hospital bed hooked up to the machinery. The character is evidently unconscious, but alive nonetheless.

After the bombshell episode aired, actor Tanner Novlan made an appearance on The Talk to confirm Finn’s return. “I’m back!” he mouthed as he made his way across stage.

“I kinda knew (he’d return). Don’t be mad at me, but I was blown away at the fans’ reaction,” the actor explained, opening up about Finn’s comeback.

“I couldn’t believe the support. But I’m contractually obligated not to tell you guys, and I felt awful about it! My mom is the biggest Bold & Beautiful fan. You guys, she was devastated when she found out I was getting killed off… she was so mad at the producers!”

He then hinted at a reunion with his on-screen wife Steffy, sharing: “I don’t know how much I can tell, but how amazing would that be if we could reunite Finn and Steffy?”

Fans react to B&B bombshell

Over on Twitter, fans can’t get over the news of Tanner Novlan’s return to the show.

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