Is Donna actually leaving The Bold And The Beautiful?

Darcy Rafter November 3, 2021
Is Donna actually leaving The Bold And The Beautiful?
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In a recent episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Quinn puts Donna on notice, leading fans to wonder whether she could actually be leaving the soap.

Quinn goes full force at Donna after learning about her and Eric and it seems that things can only erupt from here. Viewers wait as Quinn has an ultimatum to make.

Everyone knows about Donna’s situation, and it’s all going down in the Forrester Creations office; so let’s discover whether Donna could be on her way out.

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Is Donna leaving The Bold And The Beautiful?

No, there has been no public announcement or confirmation from the show that Donna could be leaving The Bold And The Beautiful.

The only reason fans have rumoured this is because of the tension on the show at the minute, seemingly caused by Donna’s actions.

Many fans believe that Donna might get fired as Quinn seems to give Eric an ultimatum between her and Donna. It also seems as though Donna might get fired so that Eric will never see her anymore.

Although it is likely that Donna will stick around as Eric allowed Quinn to still see Carter when she was in the bad books.

When Quinn backs down and Eric goes to visit Donna, it is clear that Donna is excited for the pair to reunite. Although, things seem all too easy and the awkward love triangle between Quinn Fuller and Donna Logan fighting over Eric Forrester is getting all too much.

Who plays Donna on The Bold And The Beautiful?

Jennifer Gareis plays Donna Logan from The Bold And The Beautiful.

Donna is the middle sister out of the three Logan sisters and is also known for her role on another soap, CBS’ The Young And The Restless.

She played the character of Grace Turner on The Young And The Restless from 1997 to 2004 and re-appeared in 2014. Before joining the cast of The Bold And The Beautiful.

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What is going on between Donna and Eric?

When Eric overheard Donna admitting that she was still in love with him, he approached Donna and comforted her and the pair shared a hug as they reflected on their marriage. Of course, Eric and Quinn are together, but the romance has had its fair share of bumps along the road.

Eric’s erectile dysfunction led Quinn to have an affair with Carter and now it seems Eric could be attempting to cure his problem but with his ex-wife, Donna.

His feelings for Donna have clearly come to the surface but the big question on viewers’ minds is whether he will save his marriage or go back to his ex-wife. He told Quinn to stop seeing Carter so she would stay loyal to him and she followed those instructions…kind of.

Will Quinn put her foot down and tell Eric to stay away from Donna for good? Or will there be a worse consequence for Donna, tune in to The Bold And The Beautiful to find out.

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