Camille Cottin is a Call My Agent! fan favourite. She’s appeared on the show since its very beginning, so let’s get to know the actress a little more.

For anyone with a French comedy series shaped hole in your world – you’re in luck as Call My Agent! is back for a fourth season in 2021. Whether you know a word of French, or not, it doesn’t really matter as the series brings drama, hilarious moments. Season 4 even sees a guest appearance from Sigourney Weaver.

Though a comedy, Call My Agent! brings to the surface some real elements of what it’s like in the acting world. And by the looks of things, it’s pretty tough.

Someone who’s made a name for herself as an actress is Call My Agent! star Camille Cottin.

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Who is Camille?

Camille Cottin is a French actress who was born in Paris in 1978. Her career started out in teaching, however, she opted for a change of plan and became an actress instead.

The 42-year-old has played Andréa Martel in Netflix Original series Call My Agent! since 2015.

Andréa is one of the show’s showbiz agents who tells it how it is. Her character is based on real-life agent Elizabeth Tanner. Andréa’s straight-to-the-point attitude could be what has won her fans all over the world. Andréa is arguably a fan favourite with many viewers taking to Twitter to express their joy at seeing her back on-screen for season 4 in 2021.

Is Camille Cottin on Instagram?

It doesn’t seem that Camille Cottin is on Instagram or Twitter. There are some fan accounts, such as @onlycamillecottin, which boast over 20k followers, however, there doesn’t look to be an account run by Camille herself.


While the TV series she features in are often promoted online, it doesn’t look like Camille is active on social media.

Viewers may recognise Camille from her other roles including Hélène in Killing Eve, Mouche in Mouche, Monique in Allied and Rose in Dumped.

She also appeared on The Graham Norton Show on January 22nd 2021. Camille explained that she once “hunted” down Prince Harry for one of her TV series, Connasse. She physically climbed the gates of Kensington Palace and recalled that she was shouting “Harry” at the top of her voice.

Does Camille have a husband?

As reported by GQ France in 2013, Camille has been in a relationship with an architect for over 15 years and together they have a son, Leon, who is now 10.

Camille welcomed her second child, a daughter, named Anna, in 2015.

Call My Agent! comes to an end as of season 4, however, Camille’s fans should expect to see more from her in the near future. Speaking to The Guardian in January, Camille is co-starring alongside Matt Damon in Stillwater as well as appearing in Ridley Scott’s Gucci biopic in 2021.

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