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Tessa and Mariah are finally engaged but what sexuality are the actresses?

Darcy Rafter January 21, 2022
The Young and the Restless
Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

We knew we could hear wedding bells in the distance and is none other than our favourite couple who have popped the big question. The Young And The Restless’ “Teriah” fans are over the moon now that Tessa and Mariah are finally engaged.

At long last, Tessa has got down on one knee and popped the four words that Mariah was desperate to hear, “will you marry me?”

For the past several years, Mariah has been in a relationship with Tessa Porter. The couple is the first major same-sex relationship in the show’s history, and fans have fallen in love with the power couple. So, let’s find out more about the actors behind the characters.

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Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

The Girlfriend Experience | Season 1 Official Trailer | Amazon Prime

Y&R’s Tessa and Mariah are finally engaged

Tessa asks Noah and Nick to “borrow” her girlfriend for a while and she takes Mariah to Society. There is a romantic set-up waiting for her with flowers and candles everywhere and Tessa exclaims, “This is for us.” When Mariah asks if they’re celebrating something special. Tessa gets down on one knee and replies “Hopefully.” Mariah is shocked and exclaims “Oh my God, Tessa! Are you doing what I think you’re doing?!”

They reminisce on their relationship and Mariah asks if she’s doing this because they are planning to adopt. Tessa says this is what she’s always wanted but was waiting until they were both ready. Tessa reveals the ring and says “Marry me, Mariah?”

Mariah then replies “Before I answer your question. There’s something that I have to tell you.” She said she appreciates her strength and how she is a rock in her life. “Thank God you are so brave.” she exclaims before saying “Yes, yes, yes, I will marry you!” Tessa puts the ring on Mariah’s finger and they kiss.

What sexuality are the actresses?

Cait Fairbanks is heterosexual and Camryn Grimes is bisexual.

Both actors portray characters who are gay as Tessa and Mariah are in a relationship on the show.

Fans discovered that Camryn Grimes was bisexual after she tweeted about replacing Ruby Rose on The CW’s DC Comics series, Batwoman. The network wanted to recast another LGBT actor and Grimes tweeted “Can I be the next @CWBatwoman??,” accompanied by a gif 

A fan then replied saying, “As AMAZING as this would be and as much as I support this idea, I think they’re looking for an out LGBT actress for the role.” Grimes then explained that she identifies as bisexual. So, when a fan then asked did she just come out, Grimes replied, “Yea, pretty sure I did. Lol.” 

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As of 2019, Fairbanks confirmed that she was dating fellow co-star Zach Tinker. Y&R fans know him better as Fenmore Baldwin on the show. However, in September 2020 fans believed that the couple had separated as they reportedly unfollowed each other on Instagram. The duo re-followed each other in March 2021, and they still follow each other in January 2022.

Cait Fairbanks’ role explored

Mariah and Tessa are currently one of the only gay or lesbian couples to be regularly featured on any of the daytime soaps. This in turn has put a lot of pressure on the characters to represent a community and depict a relatable character to audiences. However, the talented actors have gained a lot of prominence from the daytime soap and have garnered a wide fan base for their accurate portrayals in the show.

Speaking on the importance of portraying a gay couple on the daytime soap opera is Tessa’s portrayer, Cait Fairbanks who shares; “This couple is so important,” says Tessa’s portrayer, Cait Fairbanks. “There are people in the audience who have maybe never seen themselves and their lives depicted in this way. Honestly, I feel very honored to be a part of something like that. To make anyone feel seen is a really spectacular thing that you don’t often get to do as an actor.”

Fairbanks always ensures that she is an ally LGBTQ+ community and on Lesbian Visibility Day she took to Instagram to express how much she appreciated “the wonderful LGBTQIA community that [has] been so supportive of Teriah and the graciousness and patience they’ve had.”

Fans react to Tessa and Mariah’s engagement

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