As Bailee Madison portrays pregnant teen Imogen in the new Pretty Little Liars series Original Sin, some fans have wondered if the actress was expecting off-screen.

The new PLL reboot is here and follows a new generation of teens as they hunt down the anonymous A.

Bailee Madison portrays, plays high schooler Imogen in the new series, and while her character is expecting on the show, some have wondered if she was pregnant in real life during filming. Let’s take a look…

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin | Official Trailer | HBO Max

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Bailee Madison portrays pregnant teen Imogen

In the new Pretty Little Liars reimagining Original Sin, Bailee Madison takes on the role of 15-year-old high schooler Imogen Adams.

Original Sin audiences first meet Imogen while she is pregnant with the character set on winning the Spirit Queen crown.

In a video introducing her character for HBO Max, Madison describes Imogen to be “wise beyond her years” and adds that she “owns who she is.”

Fans first saw a sneak peek of Madison’s character in March

Earlier this year, fans got to see a first look at Bailee Madison in character as Imogen after Entertainment Weekly shared an insight into the PLL reimagining.

In the initial photos of the series, Madison’s character was seen to be visibly pregnant as the actress sported a noticeable baby bump.

The actress featured in two of the cast photos, with the first seeing Madison’s character with her hand on her bump, while a second solo shot gave a closer look at Imogen’s pregnant belly.

At the time, the 22-year-old also shared the photos on her Instagram, with fans in the comments at the time sharing their surprise at seeing the star with a baby bump.

One fan wrote: “I am so confused. Is Bailee pregnant or is her character pregnant?” while another said they did not expect to see the actress expecting.

No, Bailee Madison is not pregnant in real life

While her Original Sin character is pregnant in the series, the 22-year-old actress was not expecting off-screen.

Filming for the Pretty Little Liar’s reimagining began in August last year and wrapped this May. During the nine months of filming, Bailee Madison donned a prosthetic bump for her portrayal of Imogen.

Chatting to Extra on the carpet of the Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin premiere last week, Madison joked about how she wore the bump “full-term” but didn’t get a baby at the end.

While reflecting on how she experienced both back and rib pain from wearing the prosthetic, she said: “I literally wore the stomach full-term, and I didn’t even get a child at the end.”

In an interview with PopSugar this week, Madison also joked about how attached she became to the bump: “That belly and I became very close, lots of shared sweat.”

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