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Is Abe leaving Days Of Our Lives? Salem serial killer hits first victim

Darcy Rafter October 22, 2021
NBC's "Days Of Our Lives" Day Of Days
Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Many fans of the soap opera Days Of Our Lives are concerned that Abe could be leaving the show as the Salem serial killer strikes their first victim.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the coming week of October 25th reveal that Abe Carver aka James Reynolds will be fighting for his life.

The Mayor is rushed to the hospital as his family reminisce on their memories with him in Salem. Let’s discover if this is really goodbye.

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Is Abe leaving Days Of Our Lives?

There has been no official announcement that Abe is leaving Days Of Our Lives, although he has been seriously injured in the most recent episodes.

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There is usually a tribute episode when a character is killed off. However it is confirmed that during the week of October 25th, Abe’s family look back on the many years they’ve had with him in Salem.

Abe has a pretty crucial storyline in the series with him and Paulina Price aka Jackée Harry, Chanel Dupree and Lani Price Grant.

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Salem serial killer hits first victim

Abe was walking in the park when he suddenly falls to the ground. The sneak peek photos don’t announce exactly what Carmine does to Abe but it looks pretty serious.

Jake is arrested instead of Carmine meaning that it seems Abe could have been shot from a distance and hit with a bullet.

At the scene of the incident, Jake tries to help Abe so it is confusing that he is arrested, this means that Carmine could have pretended he merely witnessed the crime. On the other hand, Abe could have mistakenly identified Jake as opposed to the real shooter.

Abe is rushed to the hospital and in critical condition. He remains in hospital during the week of October 25th, he may even be in a coma looking at the impact of the injury.

James Reynolds health explored

James Reynolds, who portrays Abe Carver on Days of Our Lives, was suffering from a heart birth defect known as pulmonary valve stenosis. He even underwent heart valve replacement surgery many years ago.

James Reynolds was 54 at the time and kept fans updated with his recovery in an online entry. One post-dated on June 3rd said:
“guess what…I had open-heart surgery over my vacation. I could have gone to Hawaii, but nope, surgery for me. What a surprise! I go to the hospital for a test and the doctor strongly suggests I don’t go home. It turns out I was born with a deficient valve in my heart. Heck, I had a show to do that weekend. I didn’t want to miss it. Sometimes life is bloody inconvenient.”

James Reynolds was in the Intensive Care Unit following the surgery and said he “looked like some monster from the future with some wires and tubes sticking out his neck, chest and abdomen.

James Reynolds had a break from Days of Our Lives whilst in recovery.

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